Saturday, December 5, 2015

Movie Review- Serenity

When the TV show Firefly never got rebooted, fans went to great lengths to bring about a sequel film titled Serenity. Since I already gave a character run down in my review of Firefly I encourage you to go my review to see it if you're interested. :)

Serenity picks back up on the adventures of Mal and his renegade crew on the ship Serenity. Once again assassins sent by the Alliance are after River Tamm and the crew is on the run. They soon find out though that the Alliance will stop at nothing to get River back. Along the way the discover a secret the Alliance is trying hard to hide.

This is a great conclusion to what Firefly started, though of course it would have been better if Firefly had just never ended! There are certain horribly heartbreaking moments that I won't give away but overall it is full of the same fun and sic-fi/western flair that was a hallmark of Firefly. One nice thing about serenity is that there is no inappropriate scenes in it as there is in Firefly, just some innuendo.
If you like Firefly you'll love Serenity too. :)

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  1. I just looked this up on IMDB -- and the names! Besides Nathan, of course. ;-)

    Gina Torres from Alias -- and definitely been waiting "forever" to talk more about that; do NOT watch it on Netflix, not the same. :-(
    Morena Baccarin from V and Homeland
    And River, Summer Glau -- I hadn't thought of this wording before, but I think I had a crush on a Terminator in The Sarah Connor Chronicles (another Fox cancellation), LOL. Although I don't really remember what she (Summer) is like anymore...

    Also Chiwetel Ejiofor -- haven't seen any of his stuff, but it's just a fun name to say, haha. :-D

    God bless!

  2. I saw this in the theater without having seen the show at all, and loved it so much, by the end of the week I owned the series on DVD. It's soooooooooooo delicious. Except the Really Sad Parts. Hmph. Joss Whedon loves to break my heart.

    1. I actually saw the movie before the show myself. I love it so much! I know! The end is so AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!


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