Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Album Review- Celtic Woman (Destiny)

I have never done an album review before but they say try new things. ;)
Celtic Woman is one of my favorite modern musical groups and their newest album Destiny has become an instant favorite with me.
My little sister and I, who are both pretty avid Celtic Woman fans, got horribly obsessed with the music for Destiny on YouTube first and we decided we just had to get it. We went ahead and got the CD and DVD deluxe package.
Unfortunately we haven't made it to the DVD yet, though I think I've probably picked up the gist of it from YouTube. I can't wait to watch it for real though!
Here's a little review of the CD though. :)

1) My Land- Beautiful song with bagpipes, which are a plus. Four stars from me. :)
2) Siúil a Rún- Classic celtic song beautifully performed. Five stars from me.
3) Ride On- One of my very favorites. This is performed by the two newest members and I can't get enough of their voices, especially Eahba's. It's so unique and gorgeous! Her voices blends really well with Mairead making for superb listening. I'm not always very fond of slower songs but when it comes to this one I LOVE it. :) Five big stars from me!
4) The Whole of the Moon- Sung by Susan and you can really see in it that this is where she shines. She has a Broadway voice. It's a fun song. Fours stars from me.
5) Skyrim Theme (Dragonborn)- Another of my absolute favorites! They took the Skyrim theme and added celtic words making it sound so epic! It feels like it should be in LOTR! Five stars!
6) How Can I Keep From Singing- A slower song but it's sung by Eahba and I'm kind of obsessed with her voice so I liked it a little bit more than I might. Three stars but really more like 3 ½. ;)
7) I See Fire- This is the end credits song for The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. I remember when I first listened to it I wasn't that impressed... I thought it was okay. However, when Mairead sings it I love it! Five stars.
8) Tír na nÓg- Another favorite! For this one there is a guest singer Óonog who is lots of fun. This is a really fun song. I may or may not sing along at the top of my lungs to this one. :) Watch their music video and fall in love too!

9) Óró sé do bheatha 'bhaile- A fun celtic song. Disclaimer, I like this one and I really feel like I should like it more than I do. For some reason though I don't connect with this one as much though. Four stars from me.
10) Sometimes a Prayer Will Do- Sung by Susan and pretty but slower and just not one of my favorites. Three stars from me.
11) Bean Pháidín- Fun celtic song! Meahba shines once again in this song along with the rest of the crew. Five stars from me!
12) Westering Home- Beautiful song and bagpipes again! Four stars from me. :)
13) When You Go- I love this song! It might be my favorite off of this disc but I hate saying that because I love so many of them! It's so fun and catchy and I just love it! :) Five big stars!
14) Like and Angel Passing Through My Room- Absolutely beautiful but slower. Three stars from me.
15) Walk Beside Me- A slower song but Meahba has a big part in this song so of course I have a soft spot for it. Still three stars though.
16) The Hills of Ireland- Our favorite fiddler's song. Lots of fun! :) Four stars from me.

Are you a Celtic Woman fan? Have you listened to Destiny yet? If you haven't be sure to go check it out! Most of the songs are on YouTube and I can almost guarantee you're going to love them! This album is a classic! :)

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  1. Yes!!!

    My Land: I prefer Celtic Thunder's version from 'Mythology'.

    Siuil a Run: My favorite version of this one is Lisa Kelly's.

    Ride On: At first I wouldn't listen to this because I ADORE Ryan Kelly's version and I didn't think that they would do as good a job, but I finally listened to it and now I love it about as much as I love Ryan's.

    The Whole of the Moon: This is SUCH a gorgeous song and Susan does an amazing job. I can sit and
    listen to this song over and over and over!

    Skyrim: Amazing.

    How Can I Keep From Singing: Eabha has an amazingly gorgeous voice, so I love anything that she does!

    I See Fire: While I like this song before when it was the credit song to DoS, I ADORE this version. Imo, Mairead puts a lot more heart and passion into the song then Ed Sheeran.

    Tir na nOg: This. Song. It was the first song that I listened to off of this album (it was before the album was actually out and it was released on YouTube) and I fell COMPLETELY in love with it. It is SUCH a beautiful song!!! Not only is it Celtic Woman, but it is about Niamh and Ossian!! (I am a HUGE lover of Irish Folklore and Fairytales). After listening to this song I ran off to find more of Oonagh's stuff and now I can't stop listening to her music. I also introduced my older sister to Oonagh, and got her into listening to her. Which is a first. Mel is always getting me into things, but I almost NEVER get Mel into things!!

    Óró sé do bheatha 'bhaile: I haven't really listened to this song.

    Sometimes A Prayer Will Do: Another one that I adore.

    Bean Pháidín: Pretty amusing one. But catchy.

    Westering Home: This is my third favorite and I listen to it a lot. And Rebecca and Meav's voices add a nice touch.

    When You Go: This is my second favorite. I can't stop singing it and I have gotten in stuck in my little siblings heads as well.

    Like and Angel Passing Through My Room: Another that I haven't really listened to.

    Walk Beside Me: The same as above.

    The Hills of Ireland: Who DOESN'T love Mairead's fiddling? I listen to it while doing my school work! Another of her's that I really, really like it The Butterfly.

    1. Oonag's stuff is awesome! I got my sister hooked on her music too!
      I've never listened to Celtic Thunder's version of My Land but now I'll have to.

    2. It is really good. But I was a lover of Celtic Thunder before I was of Celtic Woman, so I am kinda biased when it comes to songs that they have both done.

    3. Well I'm a Celtic Woman fan first so I'm biased the other way. :)

  2. Destiny is charming in any sense and other albums are not worse:


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