Monday, June 1, 2015

It's Monday! NCLEX!

Years of school have lead up to this moment. Sure I passed nursing school but I don't get that coveted RN title until I pass the NCLEX. Today I'm taking it. No pressure... ;)
Oh, and I got the job I really wanted working on a med-surg floor! Of course that's contingent on my passing the NCLEX. Again... no pressure.... ;)
I'm sorry I didn't get an It's Monday post done last week but with being out of town it just didn't happen. So this is an accumulation of the past couple weeks. :) I'll have reviews out for the books I've finished hopefully soon but I've been busy with studying so I haven't gotten them done yet except my Little Women review as I needed it done by the end of May.

Finished in the last two weeks

  • Little Women by Louisa May Alcott (re-read) (audiobook)- Long car trips are great for audiobooks! READ MY BOOK REVIEW HERE
  • Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell- About nine weeks too early for the read-a-long but I got done with Little Women on the way up to Michigan so I read Gone With the Wind on the way back and finished it just a couple hours after getting home. That book was gripping for reasons that still confuse me. It's a complicated book. Full review hopefully coming soon once I have more time. 
  • Big Red by Jim Kjelgaard (re-read)- It was fun to re-read this. It's a classic boy and dog story. 

Currently Reading

  • The Valley of Vision
  • Swallows and Amazons (re-read)

Coming Soon

  • Barnaby Rudge by Charles Dickens
  • How Green is My Valley by Richard Lewellyn 
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  1. Oooh Good Luck for your exam!! xD

  2. Congratulations on the job! I'm sure you did great on the exam. How long until you find out the results? In the meantime, it looks like you have lots of good reading to enjoy. :)

    1. Thank you! :) I should find out the results in a day or two. :)


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