Sunday, February 7, 2016

Laura Ingalls Blog Party 2016

Ashely at A-Z is hosting a Laura Ingalls Blog Party this week! Be sure to go check it out HERE. I love reading Ashley's blog so you really should just go check her blog out anyways because it's awesome! ;)
Here are some fun tag questions to go along with the party.

1. How did you discover Little House? I grew up reading the books.
2. Which Little House series have you read? Which are you favorite? (Laura, Martha, Rose, etc.) I've read all of them I think. At least all my library had. I've definitely read all of Laura's multiple times and then the others only once. My favorites are Laura.
3. Have you read any "extra" Little House books? (non "canon", cookbooks, song books, craft books, little kid books, etc.) I know I checked out a Little House cookbook as a kid from the library but I don't think anything else.
4. Have you read any biographies/autobiographies about Laura or any of the Little House girls? Not than I remember.
5. If you could be in any character's place, who would you choose and why? Laura's because then I'd get to marry Almanzo. ;)
6. What's your favorite Little House ship? (AKA couple) Laura and Almanzo! I also liked Caroline and Charles a lot though too but it's been a longer time since I've read those books.
7. What's your favorite Little House book? Cover? Favorite book These Happy Golden Years. Cover..... I think the one for Little House in the Book Woods and also the one for These Happy Golden Years.
8. If you could invite any secondary character from any of the Little House books over for dinner, who would you choose and why? Nellie Olson... because I think it would be interesting and it would probably humor me.
9. Have you watched the Little House TV show? If so, do you enjoy it? No not really. I've seen a few random episodes and they were okay.
10. If you could watch a YouTube miniseries on any Little House book or series, which would you choose and how would the basic plot go? Never though about that before. I don't know.

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  1. Awww you're so sweet :D
    The Laura ones are such classics!
    I have a Little House cookbook review coming up this week from Hamlette!
    Almanzo tho...
    I love the Little House in the Big Woods cover! It's cozy!
    Nellie Olson at dinner! Oh my! I would definitely want to watch that!
    Thanks so much for filling this out!

    1. Oh fun! I really should revisit the Little House Cookbook. :)

  2. NELLIE OLESON FOR DINNER. Yes. I'd love that, too. :-)


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