Monday, February 1, 2016

It's Monday! Gershwin!

My new hat... the perfect accessory
for a night listening to Gershwin.  
This past week was pretty crazy with work but then Friday evening I went out with a bunch of friends to an absolutely delightful Gershwin concert. We started out our evening at an ice cream place, because all good evenings begin with ice cream ;). Then was the concert! It was superb! Our local orchestra played the music and they brought in a Broadway female singer and a Broadway male singer and dancer. It was all superb but I was definitely in raptures over the dancing! It was such a fun evening.
Reading has been a little slower this week. I'm not finding The Old Curiosity Shop as engaging as other Dickens' novels have been for me so it's been slower going. I'm still working on catching up with reviews as well. Slowly but surely! :)

Currently Reading 

  • Institutes of the Christian Religion by John Calvin
  • The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens
  • Henry Tilney's Diary by Amanda Grange
  • Son by Lois Lowry (audiobook)

Finished this Week

  • What does the Bible Really Teach About Homosexuality by Kevin DeJong- Excellent book and hopefully a full review coming soon. :)
  • Matilda by Roald Dahl
  • Messenger by Lois Lowry (audiobook) 

Coming Soon

  • Mr. Knightley's Diary
  • All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr 

Reviews Posted this Week

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm really coming to love her books! :)

  2. I watched the movie The old curiosity shop this week. Have you seen it, Lois? It's a good one, liked it ��
    I'm struggling to find enough time to read nowadays. So I haven't finished The BFG yet which I have been reading for a week now... Happy about completing the hound of the Baskervilles for reading challenge�� Thanks again for hosting it.

    And you are reading All the Lights We can not see! Wow! That's a good choice, Lois. I do wish to read it... Hopefully I can pick it up this year ��

    I'm so much looking forward to read your Review on what does The Bible really teach about homosexuality. The topic always confuses me. I believe it is a sin and always keep mum whenever I come across that topic. Hopefully your review can throw some light to my Opinion about them. Ah, it's an awfully baffling subject ��

    1. I haven't seen that one but I'll have to watch it once I'm done with the book as I do love Dickens adaptations! I think you'd like the DeYoung book then. I'll leave my full dissertation for my review but the book is great about stating that yes homosexuality is a sin, here's the specific verses that indicate that, here are arguments that those who disagree use against the verses and here's why the verses still hold up. He goes into so much more but that's the gist of it.

  3. I have not yet read Lois Lowry, but I'm curious. Love your hat...I can't wear them, I look ridiculous, but I collect them on a couple of hat trees.


    1. Haha! Well I imagine I probably look ridiculous too but I just keep wearing them. ;)

  4. Just put a library hold on 'What Does the Bible Really Teach about Homosexuality?' and can't wait to read it :) Our church split from our old denomination in part over this issue, so it's definitely an issue that has big implications, not only for people personally, but also for families, churches and church denominations, schools and communities as a whole.

    1. Absolutely! And this is a great starter book for learning more!

  5. What fun!! And you and that hat (your entire ensemble really) look absolutely fantabulous. ;)

    Looking forward to your review on the book by DeJong.

    1. Thanks! I wish if gotten a picture of my whole outfit but it was late and j was tired.

  6. Matilda is one of my favourite Roald Dahl books. The BFG is up there as a favourite as well.

    I've read a few Dickens novels but not The Old Curiosity Shop. I hope you enjoy all your current reads.

    Reading With Jade

    1. Thanks! I haven't read The BFG yet either but I hear there's s movie coming out so I'll have to read that one soon!

  7. The Gershwin show sounds fabulous! Have a great week and happy reading.

  8. I don't know any of your books except All The Light You Cannot See.

    Son looks good to me.

    ENJOY all of your books and reading week.

    Silver's Reviews
    My It's Monday, What Are You Reading

  9. I hope you love All The Light You Cannot See as much as I did.

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