Thursday, April 16, 2015

Just a List of Random Questions Tag!

Olivia/Arwen from Meanwhile in Rivendell (which is my new favorite blog!!!!) tagged me in the Just a List of Random Questions Tag!!! 
~ Animated movies - what's your opinion?
Some of them are my very favorites and others of them make me groan. For example, Pixar movies for the most part I love them! Incredibles is a family favorite! I like a fair number of the Disney movies but there are definitely some that are just... dumb. However, normally I like Disney music though again some of it sometimes is just dumb. I can't deny it's beautiful and catchy though. I'll admit though sometimes I love animated movies because of their goofiness... just don't get too goofy on me. 
~ Do you prefer earbuds or headphones?
~ What is one thing it seems like everybody loves but you (could be a book, song, movie, author, actor, food, whatevs)?
The Hunger Games and Pride and Prejudice 2005 version 
~ Do you have flowers in your room 
No... on the wallpaper though! 
~ Do you like the sound of keys on a keyboard clicking?
Yes! As long as it's not too loud.
~ Who is one fictional character whom you absolutely loathe with a burning passion? 
Professor Umbridge from Harry Potter
~ Are you a procrastinator?
Yes! There are some things I manage not to procrastinate on but normally I do procrastinate unfortunately. 
~ Shoes or no?
At home no! Outside of my home I prefer to wear flip flops but I'll wear shoes in the winter. 
~ What are three movies that take you back to the dear old days gone forever 
Life with Father, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, The Swan Princess 
~ Pens or pencils?
It depends on the situation. Normally pens though.

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  1. Mine is your new favorite blog? *blushes* You're so sweet! And I am totally LOVING your blog, too:)

    The Swan Princess! That's one of the movies that takes me back, as well XD

    1. Well it is! I love your games that you post and I look forward to them every week! Plus I can go to your blog for Tokien stuff and that's a huge plus in my book! ;)

    2. Awww! Thanks a bunch! I love how you do so many tags - it provides so many post ideas:D


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