Thursday, April 30, 2015

Book Review- The Borrowers

For the Key word reading challenge, the authors a-z challenge and the hard core re-reading challenge I re-read Mary Norton's children's novel The Borrowers.
Synopsis from Goodreads- The Borrowers are tiny people hidden away in houses and safe places, living off what they borrow from human Beans. Pod and Homily want daughter Arriety to be safe, never seen, but she feels lonely and trapped. The Boy visiting Great Aunt Sophy brings doll furniture in exchange for Arriety reading, until mean housekeeper Mrs Driver calls the rat-catcher.
This was a fan little re-read. The characters are quirky and cute. I'm sure I probably found it to be even better when I was a kid but I still enjoyed it as an adult. The story makes you want to go searching for some Borrowers in your house. ;)
All in all a good book. :)

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