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Literary Heroine Blog Party 2015

Kellie from According to Kellie is hosting the Literary Heroine Blog Party and Givewaway and I'm joining in on the fun!
Here's some fun questions that we get to answer! :)
~ The Questions ~
  1. Introduce yourself! Divulge your life's vision, likes, dislikes, aspirations, or something completely random! Well my name is Lois and I'm one of seven children that grew up in the land of Kansas. I was homeschooled through high school and I'm now in my final semester of nursing school. My life's vision is to glorify God in all I do and aspire to hopefully be a wife and mother. I like reading, crocheting, tea, Jane Austen, J.R.R. Tolkien and Doctor Who. I dislike Rose Tyler, the 2005 film version of Pride and Prejudice, excessive romance and not getting enough sleep. 
  2. What, to you, forms the essence of a true heroine? Me... obviously. ;) Just kidding. I wish. Elizabeth Bennet for me forms the essence of a true heroine. She's witty, smart and kind but she still has faults. 
  3. Share (up to) four heroines of literature that you most admire and relate to. Well obviously Elizabeth Bennet as aforementioned so I won't count her here. Admire: Fanny Price, Anne Elliot, and Molly Gipson. Relate to: Catherine Morland and Anne Shirley. So I know that was five but I'm a rebel child! ;)
  4. Five of your favorite historical novels? There are some novels I don't consider historical novels that I know others do and it's just a personal preference. Basically my rule is that if a book is written about the same time period in which it is being written I don't consider it a historical novel. Coronation of Glory by Deborah Meroff is my absolute favorite and if you haven't read it you should! Besides that I always enjoy G.A. Henry's historical novels, especially In the Reign of Terror, St. Batholomew's Eve and Coronet of Horse. Additionally I like The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare and To Kill a Mockinbird by Harper Lee. 
  5. Out of those five books who is your favorite major character and why? Lady Jane Grey without a doubt. Read the book people! 
  6. Out of those five books who is your favorite secondary character and why? My mind is blanking on secondary characters. :(
  7. If you were to plan out your dream vacation, where would you travel to - and what would you plan to do there? England, Scotland and Ireland. I would visit all of the historical sites and traverse the countrysides! Duh! 
  8. What is your favorite time period and culture to read about? 18th century. 
  9. You have been invited to perform at the local charity concert. Singing, comedy, recitation, tap dancing… what is your act comprised of? Recitation. Trust me, you don't want me singing. ;)
  10. If you were to attend a party where each guest was to portray a heroine of literature, who would you select to represent? Well I would secretly wish I could be Elizabeth Bennet but know I could never represent her with justice so I'd resort to being Miss Bates because then I know I could talk as much as I want and it would be fine because everyone would expect that of my character. ;) Just kidding.... again. :) I would go as Catherine Morland because I would feel quite natural in that role. 
  11. Favorite author(s)? Jane Austen and J.R.R. Tolkien
  12. In which century were most of the books you read written? It's hard to tell on my Goodreads stats page but I think it is the 19th century but the 18th century is right behind it. 
  13. In your opinion, the ultimate hero in all literature is… Well my favorite (not necessarily the best), heroes are Mr. Knightley (from Austen's Emma) and Mr. Tilney (from Austen's Northanger Abbey). 
  14. In your opinion, the most dastardly villain of all literature is... Can we do villainess? Cause my choice is Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter. I do not like that woman. In fact, I dislike her more than Voldemort. Other dastardly villains though are Uriah Heap, Henry Crawford, Mr. Wickham, Mr. Willoughby and Grendel. 
  15. Describe your ideal dwelling place. A charming cottage in the countryside. 
  16. Sum up your fashion style in a short sentence. I try to be a somewhat fashionable while still being modest. :)
  17. Three favorite Non-fiction books? Chosen by God by R.C. Sproul, The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer, Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther by Roland Bainton. Honorable mentions: Christianity and Liberalism and Miniatures and Morals: The Christian Novels of Jane Austen. 
  18. Your duties met for the day, how would you choose to spend a carefree summer afternoon? Well if I wasn't terribly allergic to poison ivy I would go down to the woods/river area on the family property but as I am I would probably read, catch up with a TV show or if the kids were up for it, go swimming. 
  19. Create a verbal sketch of your dream hat - in such a way as will best portray your true character. All I can think of is the hat that Anne Shirley makes up in Anne of Green Gables to wear to church. It was a nice brimmed hat when she left Green Gables but by the time it got to church it was adorned with a crazy assortment of flowers. That's me... I've got all the crazy on the outside but there's a sensible interior. :) 
  20. Share the most significant event(s) that have marked your life in the past year. It was a hard year last year actually. My Grandpa on one side passed away in the spring and then my other Grandpa passed away in December. Those have made a huge impact on me and how I think about life and death. They've also mad me irrationally emotional at odd moments. ;) I also worked at a pig farm this last summer that will always be a very special memory in my mind. 
  21. Share the Bible passage(s) that have been most inspiring to you recently. Be anxious for nothing but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.- Philippians 4:6-7
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  1. Yay! You like The Witch of Blackbird Pond!! It's amazing!!!
    Mr. Tilney is awesome! I might actually like him more than Knightley!
    Those verses in Philippians are really encouraging in hard/stressful times!
    Fun answers!

    1. I can't decide who I like better Tilney of Knightley! However, I don't have to chose a favorite so I'm not going to! :)

  2. Awesome answers! "The Witch of Blackbird Pond" and "To Kill a Mockingbird"! I love those books;)

    Mr. Tilney. Is amazing. Why is he so underrated?!?!

    J. R. R. Tolkien--*fellow Tolkienknight high five*

    1. He is incredibly underrated but so is the whole book! :( It's one of my favorites. :)

  3. Fun read Lois! I shall have to look up Coronation of Glory. By the end of this party I'll have a good reading list! :)

  4. Hello Lois! How lovely to meet another sister in the Lord! Thank you for your sweet visit to my blog today! I just love Elizabeth Bennet, too - in fact, I am sometimes a bit like her too...;).
    This blog party is wonderful fun and it is so enjoyable to read everyone's answers!
    Hugs to you - hope to stop by again very soon!

  5. P.S. I love the quote by C.S. Lewis you used on your blog!! It is perfectly true! Hugs to you!

  6. Bew to your blog and it's so great!! :D we have much in common!!!

  7. Hey, it is a fellow Kansan! Though I do not live on the wide prairie any more I grew up there in KS and it still holds a very soft spot in my heart. Can't help loving a place that grows fields of sunflowers!

    You like some great books. We have a lot in common!

  8. Dolores Umbridge! Shudder. Good villain choice.

    I choose Tilney over Knightley, but Wentworth over both :-o

    And I love your choice of hat. So cute!

    1. Thank you! Wentworth isn't as high up on list of my Austen heroes but that's probably because I don't feel like I know him as well. Not sure why that's the case though.

  9. Hey! We have so many of the same favorite books, authors, and heroes. Lovely answers!

  10. Lois,
    I agree with all of your dislikes, except for Rose Tyler which not having seen her I can't say, but the rest I can sympathize with 100%. :)

    St. Batholomew's Eve is one of my two favorite Henty's -- it's just so terrible and exciting!

    The depth of Mr. Willoughby's villainy used to go somewhat over my head, but lately I have decided he is among the very worst of villains.

    1. He is awful!
      It is interesting that the Emma Thompson film version doesn't have his apology when Marianne is sick. The apology lends a slightly different spin to him but you still hugely dislike him.

  11. Dolores Umbridge - How true! I think we all hate her more than Voldemort, and would doubt you are in the minority there. In other thoughts, I completely agree with your sentiments on Northanger Abbey being underrated! I love Tilney, and have a few Catherine tendencies myself (although I find I am more of a Fanny/Marianne cross.)

    1. A Fanny and Marianne cross? That's actually really interesting cause I think of them as opposites. :) Howevet, I think I can see how it could be.... I think I probably have tendencies of all of Austen's heroines. :)

  12. Wonderful answers! I loved your description of yourself.... (we have a lot of mutual sentiments. ;)) And oh my, Miniatures and Morals!!! You are the Very First Person I've met online thus far who has already read and mentioned it! So exciting!!!!!!!!! ;) I LOVE that book!

    1. It's amazing! You're the first person I've met as well that has read it! It has hugely assisted me in understanding Austen's books and helped me to see far deeper into them than I probably could have myself.

  13. Lois,
    It's been fun to read your post! It makes me want to pick up more books and start reading as I don't make the time to do it. :) Your mention of Anne's hat with all the flowers gave me a vivid picture of you! Keep up the good writing!
    Andra K.

  14. I enjoyed reading your answers!
    Loved your desription of the hat, Anne Shirley is such a great character and I relate to her quite well.
    I also love all the Austen heroines you mentioned - and the heroes, Mr Tilney is just wonderful.

  15. Anne Elliot is just SO wonderful, isn't she? I love her to pieces. Probably because I can relate so well to many of her thoughts and feelings. :)


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