Friday, February 27, 2015

Book Review- Of Mice and Men

For the monthly key word reading challenge, the back to the classics challenge, banned books challenge, mount TBR challenge, alphabet soup challenge, TBR pile challenge, what an animal challenge, new author challenge, full house challenge and for the the classics club I read John Steinbeck's novella Of Mice and Men.
Synopsis from Goodreads: The tragic story of the complex bond between two migrant laborers in Central California. They are George Milton and Lennie Small, itinerant ranch hands who dream of one day owning a small farm. George acts as a father figure to Lennie, who is a very large, simple-minded man, calming him and helping to rein in his immense physical strength.
This is honestly an extremely odd book. As you can see above, it has been banned before and I'm not surprised. There's a lot of bad language in it and the themes are very dark.
I didn't really like it and I've gone back and forth between two and three stars on Goodreads. I do think there are some good aspects to it though, it gets you to think and would probably be great for discussion.
What I found touching about the story is George's dedication to Lennie. He knows he's really the only person who understands Lennie and will watch after him so he does despite all of the trials it gives him. What he does at the end (if you've read it you know) shocked me just a little. I get why he did it but I still don't think it was the right thing to do.
In the first chapter (I think it was the first) you get some sense of how Lennie can be manipulative when he keeps saying that he's too much trouble and he should leave George so George will be free. I don't feel like that was really further expounded on but it made me wonder how much exactly Lennie really is aware of things and maybe if he is more aware than he let's on?
Anyways, overall it was an interesting book but something I will most likely never re-read.

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  1. I love this story, though I understand why some don't. I believe you are correct, George's action at the end is wrong, but in his simple mind, he sees it as the only way to help his friend and he takes it even at potentially great jeopardy to himself. I believe it was an act of sacrificial and unconditional love...misguided, but still an act of love.

  2. Yes I agree, a misguided act of love.

  3. I really didn't like this book either, but I want to read it again some time. I read it in high school and just kind of wanted it to be over already.

    1. The more I think about it actually, though I said in my post I likely wouldn't, I'm thinking maybe sometime in the future I'll reread it.


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