Sunday, February 22, 2015

It's Monday! Another test and a lot of stress

Stress has been devouring my life for the last couple weeks preparing for another test. Last Wednesday I had it and I am less than happy with the results. I know I kind of deserved them... I could have studied more, but I'm still very frustrated. However, clinicals have been going well and in the past two weeks I've gotten in three IVs as opposed to the last three semesters of getting in zero IVs. :) Score in my book. :)
As for reading, it took second place to school so not so good. I did finish Wuthering Heights after my test and wrote a disjointed review which is linked below. I also decided that as I can't find Watership Down to go ahead and read Of Mice and Men this month for my Monthly Key Word reading challenge. However, I'll have to hurry up with that decision because we're almost done with the month! Can you believe March is just around the corner? Thankfully it's a very short book. :)
Also, I'm excited to get a new project up and running. The 1000 Book List Project is something my Dad started with me as a child and now something that I'm going to try and continue as an adult. Be sure to check it out HERE.
Speaking of books... what's up with reading this week?

Finished this week

  • The Valley of Vision
  • Anne of the Island by L.M. Montgomery (re-read) (audiobook)- Getting close to being done! 

Coming Soon

  • Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

Book Reviews this week

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  1. I read Wuthering Heights years ago and never got people's fascination with it. I don't go in for all that brooding and sulkiness.vwish id known about the Literary Heroines Party. Maybe next year!

    1. Yeah, I think Heathcliff was just a little emotionally revengeful for me. :(

  2. All the best for the test. That 1000 book list is very impressive.

  3. I keep meaning to get to Wuthering Heights amongst other books - such a classic. I have read Of Mice and Men many times and still love it :D

  4. Don't be too hard on yourself. It's understandable that your study needs to come first. Take care.


  5. The 1000 Book Project looks fun. I love checking things off of lists. Looks like you have a great start on it already! Hope you have some less dramatic reads coming soon (I don't like Of Mice and Men qualifies, though...) :)

    1. It is fun to make lists. I feel a little bit more organized then... a little bit. ;)


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