Thursday, October 2, 2014

Talking Tea- Chai O My!

I've got a tea buying and drinking problem. It's this cold weather! It does things to me. Anyways, I bought more tea the other day! The flavors I bought were Caramel Chai, and Chocolate Chai black teas and Moroccan Mint green tea. How could one resist such delicious sounding names??????
After trying them all, I decided they all lived up to their scrumptious names. The Chocolate Chai has a slightly odd, but nonetheless delicious, strong vanilla taste to it... like real vanilla. The caramel chai is exactly as it sounds, chai with just that hint of caramel to make it, if possible, even more delicious. The Moroccan mint is like most any other mint tea that you can get but I can tell it has a superior quality in the taste. 
P.S. I'm thinking making Thursdays tea post days? What think you? Nada? Well then tea post days they are!

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  1. The vanilla chai sounds interesting! I'll definitely have to look for that one next time at the grocery store.


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