Thursday, October 9, 2014

Book Review: Perelandra

Finally I have gotten around to reading the second in C.S. Lewis's Space Trilogy after having read the first twice. 
Here's the synopsis from Goodreads: The second novel in Lewis's science fiction trilogy tells of Dr Ransom's voyage to the planet of Perelandra (Venus). Dr Ransom is sent by the Elida to Perelandra (Venus) to battle against evil incarnate and preserve a second Eden from the evil forces present in the possessed body of his enemy, Weston. Through these works, Lewis explores issues of good and evil, and his remarkable and vividly imaginative descriptions of other worlds cements his place as a first-class author of science fiction adventure.
I haven't read tons of science fiction, though I am branching out more into that area so the genre is still new to me.  Perelandra was much harder to read than Out of the Silent Planet but its deep theology continued to impress me throughout the book making me want to keep reading. The book focused on the story of Adam and Eve and their tempting by Satan, which I found absolutely fascinating and incredibly thought provoking. 
This is a great quote from the book and one that provoked a lot of contemplation from me. 
“Whatever you do, He will make good of it. But not the good He had prepared for you if you had obeyed him.” 
Overall a great book and I would highly recommend it. :)

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