Monday, September 7, 2015

Emma- Week 9 (Chapters 41-45)

So yes, I did change my blog header. I know it's kind of big. I might resize that a bit later but for now that's how it's going to be.
I know I said this last week but this week with the reading I felt it even more for sure but WE ARE ALMOST DONE!!!! Big reveal coming next chapter... that's all I'm saying... though I think most of you know it. :)
I never realized that the Box Hill escapade didn't come until this late in the novel.  I think though in a way it was Emma's final mistake.... final downfall.... and never did she fall so far.
"Badly done Emma!" Thank you Mr. Knightley! Say it like it is!
You can see Emma's true repentance for her rudeness and inconsideration.
Also in these last few chapters you can see her showing more friendship and pity for Jane Fairfax (about time Emma!).  The mystery around Jane grows. :)
Mr. Knightley is also showing himself very in tune to what is going on around him with certain characters. As always, though Emma thinks she knows what's going but really she doesn't.... and Mr. Knightley does.
I noticed so much foreshadowing to what's going to happen in the next couple chapters in these last few as well. If you're paying attention you can see who likes who... it also helps if I already know what is going to happen though I suppose. ;)
So now discussion questions!
  • What does Emma think of Churchill? What does Knightley think? Account for their different interpretations. 
  • What wrong does Emma commit at Box Hill? What is this significance of this event in the larger setting of the novel?
  • Discuss Knightley's rebuke of Emma's behavior. and it's role in Emma's development. 
Please comment with your thoughts and as always even if you aren't participating in the read-along you can still contribute to the discussion! :)

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  1. I can't believe we're so close to the end!

    I noticed the foreshadowing too. Sometimes, as I was reading about Box Hill, I kept thinking, "Why didn't I see it before? It is so obvious! Emma! Why can't you see what's happening and keep yourself from getting in trouble, though it did do you a load of good in the end."

    I'm very happy that Mr. Knightley rebuked Emma because in the end she became more compassionate and was more sensitive for others besides just herself. It's also interesting reading about Knightley leaving a second time because I already know what happens, but its fun to watch Emma wonder shy he left so soon but secretly already know why he left.

    1. Yes yes! After Box Hill you really see Emma make a turn around for the better! It comes on gradually through the book but it's there you get it in its fullness.


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