Thursday, September 10, 2015

Book Review- The Wisdom of Father Brown

For the author A-Z challenge, the alphabet soup challenge, mount TBR challenge and the audiobook challenge I read (listened to) G.K. Chesterton's The Wisdom of Father Brown.
Synopsis from Goodreads: Father Brown finds himself in many far-flung places to solve the next set of mysteries. Whether in Italy, France, London or Cornwall, this most surprising of sleuths always manages to out-think the others. Using a combination of his innocent wisdom and spiritual insight, Father Brown solves all twelve of the cases in this second collection of Father Brown stories.
This was my second Father Brown to read/listen to. Personally I think the first one The Innocence of Father Brown is better but they are both good.
I feel like this collection of stories had more where everything looked supernatural but then turned out of course to be normal.... I am ok with those kinds of stories... but I don't like so many of them. I just felt like these stories were weirder. I know it's not fair to compare but I can't help it!
Father Brown as always was funny with his quaintness. He's a great character. I love how innocent he seems and how much people overlook him but then he always surprises them all by solving the case. Flambeau made an appearance again as well.
So overall I did enjoy it but I just preferred it's predecessor.

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  1. Your header is so cute!!! My best friend actually got to visit the place in New Zealand where they filmed the "Hobbiton" scenes for those movies. Cool, no?
    I love Father Brown . . . I know what you mean about "The Wisdom of Father Brown," it's definitely a bit weirder. At the same time, I kinda like the way he does the spooky atmosphere and the sort of "otherworldly" feel you get from his descriptions.

    1. Thanks! I always thought it would be so cool to visit New Zealand... Especially after the LOTR and Hobbit films. :)
      I agree. When it comes to weird, Chesterton does it better than most. I certainly get the atmosphere beautifully. :)


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