Sunday, September 13, 2015

Emma- Week 10 (Chapters 46-50)

Confession time.... I was so excited about being done with Emma that I went ahead and already finished it! Sorry! However, I'm still only posting discussion and questions on chapters 46-50 as scheduled. Next week is chapters 51-55 and the end of the book!
So let's talk about Emma. 
Revelations happened in these chapters that we've been waiting for the whole book!
First off, we find out that Frank Churchill has been playing us this whole time and has actually been engaged to Jane Fairfax for some months! Not cool Frank.... not cool. Selfish actually Frank.... selfish.  You guys have heard me rant about Frank some throughout our discussion so I won't add to it here. I just don't like Frank.
Then we come to Emma.  Emma feels bad. Emma thinks Harriet liked Frank Churchill. Emma finds out that Harriet doesn't like Frank Churchill after all. Emma finds out that Harriet actually likes Mr. Knightley. Emma doesn't like this. Emma realizes SHE likes Mr. Knightley. Finally Emma! However, there we are in a tricky situation with Harriet.
Then we come to Mr. Knightley. Knightley comes back from London after hearing about the Churchill/Fairfax engagement. Knightley loves Emma. (duh) Knightley has loved Emma for a long time. In a beautiful passion of speech, favorite line being "If I loved you less I might be able to talk about it more", Mr. Knightley proposes to Emma!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
So I've read this book a couple times before so I knew what happened but boy was I just giggly and excited when I read their conversation and engagement. :)))))))))))) I loved it. :)))))))))))))
Emma is still stuck in an awkward situation with Harriet and is starting to realize that maybe she didn't do her friend a service after all... as Knightley had said. What will happen there we have yet to find out (insert dramatic music here).
I'm going to forgo talking about Frank Churchill's letter to Mrs. Weston until next week as I think that will flow better as Emma and Knightley discuss it in chapter 51.
I hope you all are as excited about these last few chapters of Emma as I am and stay tuned for giveaways and movie reviews coming soon. Also, if after finishing it you want to write a character analysis or some other post as a guest post to wrap up this read-along let me know! :)

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  1. I second that motion in re Frank Churchill. #ThatsNotCoolBro
    Seriously, I HATE what he does here--and I'm afraid I come perilously close to just plain hating HIM, period. I can't understand why he never really gets punished. He is just so HORRID.

    1. I agree! I feel of all of Austen's "villains" he has the best ending and Austen doesn't let us condemn him as others get condemned. Now granted he's not as morally wrong as some Ausyen villains.... Willoughby or Wickham for example... But he's really just a big jerk! A charming jerk!

  2. Wouldn't it be interesting to read everything from Frank's perspective? I'd love to see how he would defend himself, and I have a feeling I would probably still end up strongly disliking him!

    1. It would be interesting but yeah, I'd still hate him probably!


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