Friday, February 28, 2014

Report Card- February 2014

School has very much been consuming my time anymore. I scarcely watch anything via netflix anymore except Phineas and Ferb (don't judge till you've seen it) because they're only twenty minutes. I have surprisingly doing a lot with my blog this month, doing lots of link ups every week. It's been tons of fun to meet other bloggers through that. Anyways, here's my report card for the month.

Read or Re-read five books

I re-read Mary Poppins Opens the Door, Mary Poppins in the Park, Ender's Shadow and Don't Waste Your Life. I would highly recommend all of those books. Unfortunately I only finished four. Close enough? ;) 

Memorize Scripture

I memorized, as planned, verses three and four of Psalm 31. I try to work on them every evening when I read my bible and that's working out well. Last month I memorized them by putting them to song, but this month I did it by coming up with hand motions. Don't mock me! It worked! 

Pray Daily


Do one crochet project 

Unfortunately not even started. It wasn't exactly a priority so I let it slip. I got so many done last month though that I think we can forgive me... right? 

At least two blog posts per week

As you well know, I way over achieved on this goal. But it was a lot of fun. This is a link to all of my posts for this moth. :) I would especially recommend my Classics Club post and my book review of the Mary Poppins books

Some good and some bad, but on the whole a good month for not only my resolutions but just life in general. :) Be sure to check back tomorrow as I'll have an announcement with my resolutions post!

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