Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ten Bookish and not so Bookish Thoughts :)

Today I'm linking up with Bookishly Boisterous with some bookish and not so bookish thoughts. :)

  1. I am so relieved to be done with my first test of second semester nursing. I stressed out over it more than I have stressed out over a test since Anatomy and Physiology (my long time readers remember how I used to stress out about those). However I'm done with it now and I did alright. If you want to know a few fun facts about childbirth I'll be happy to supply. :)
  2. I got two snow days this week, which really messed up the school schedule but was good for getting studying done for aforementioned test. I seriously did study most of the time and did not go out in the snow at all. That was more due to a hatred of the cold than a love of studying. 
  3. I discovered I actually can read multiple books at a time successfully despite always having thought I couldn't. I had four books going for awhile and then three and now finally I'm at an easy two. However, I foresee myself getting up to four again in the future. :) 
  4. I've decided while re-reading the Mary Poppins books (after being inspired to do so prior to watching Saving Mr. Banks) that while the movie of Mary Poppins is good, it doesn't nearly capture the imagination the books inspire. I know those are children's books, but let me tell you they are good children's books. A sure way to tell a good children's book is to come back to it when you're an adult and still enjoy it. 
  5. I've decided, though I have not yet quite finished it, that I like Ender's Shadow better than Ender's Game... though they are both good. 
  6. I learned how to put an IV in today! If you catch me staring at your veins, don't be alarmed.... I'm imagining sticking a needle it. ;)
  7. I started listening to an audiobook of The Warden on Sunday. It is the first in the Barchester Chronicles. I had already read Barchester Towers, which actually comes after it, and I had always wanted to read The Warden but never could get ahold of a copy. That's where free audiobooks come in handy. :)
  8. I may or may not have had multiple geeky conversations with my mother about her pregnancies in the last few days.
  9. Labor and Delivery is definitely the specific field in nursing that I'm leaning towards right now. However, I have yet to have clinical experience with it so I may change my mind. 
  10. I might (Lord willing) be going on a short term mission trip to Puerto Rico for a week this summer. I'm very excited as I've always wanted to go on a mission trip to a Spanish speaking country so I could practice my (limited) Spanish as well as be able to serve the Lord in a foreign country. 
Have a fun week! My school week is over now. :) 

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  1. When I was in labor with my son, we had a nursing student who was on her first day of labor and delivery clinicals. I was her first delivery. Afterward, she just kept saying "thank you for letting me be part of this! I'll never forget it!" I hope you love it just as much as she did!

    1. Thanks! That will probably be my reaction. :)

  2. Thanks for participating! Hope to see you next week!

    I am HORRIBLE at reading more than one book at a time. I think part of the problem is that I like to bang out things I feel need to get done, so read two or more at once seems to stall the completion rate. That and I just get hooked on one and don't want to stop. When I was an English major in college I was able to read three or more at a time no problem- I guess I'm just rusty.

    1. I've never been successful at multiple book reading before but it worked out well this time. I had one theology book, a book by my bedside, a book for fun and a book on my Kindle app. :)


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