Saturday, March 1, 2014

Monthly Resolutions- March 2014

This month I've made a momentous decision. Let me explain.
I first started doing these monthly resolutions and report card posts to link up with Kelli from She Learns as She Goes. When she stopped doing them, I just kept on going because I found they kept me more accountable. This month, I've decided to host the link up. I am in no way trying to replace what Kelli did just trying to carry it on until she may or may not decide to start it up again (which I would love it if she did!). :) So be sure to make your own post with monthly resolutions and link up below and at the end of the month I'll have a Report Card link up so we can all see how we did on our resolutions. It's all just fun so no real pressure. Enjoy! :)

Read or re-read five books

I fell behind one book last month but I'll pick that one up this summer instead of trying to layer that one on right now while I'm in the midst of school. Hopefully this month I'll finish up listening to the audiobook of The Warden, finish reading the ebook of The War of the Worlds, finally start The Children of Húrin and get some other fun reading in. :)

Memorize Psalm 31:5-6

To go along with my year's resolution of memorizing Psalm 31

Pray Daily

It has become far more of a habit now, which is great, but that doesn't mean I get to slack off now! Quite the opposite!

Do one Crochet project

Hopefully I can slip this in somewhere. When I got a new coat last month I bought some yarn to make a hat and scarf to match but I never got around to making them... maybe that should be my next project.

Read a Psalm a day

I realized a little late that I forgot to include that in my resolutions last month but I still did it. This month I plan to continue on with that. 

At least two blog posts per week

I know I overdid it last month and I'll probably over do it again this month but better safe then sorry.

No Netflix

A new goal this month. I've been using my brother's account and he's discontinuing it anyways so there shouldn't be anything too hard about that. However, my sister and I are probably going to start up our own and go fifty-fifty on it so I'll still have to resist. I feel I could be better spending my time reading or studying. 

Study, study study!

I've got to be a more diligent student. This semester of nursing school is a killer and I am going to have to work as hard as I can to pass it. It is traditionally the hardest semester and it is not uncommon for people to fail it. I really don't want to do that. So study! :)

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  1. I laughed when I saw the "No Netflix" resolution, not at the blogger, but at the thought f my brother's trying to go even a wee without it. Good luck!


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