Friday, February 21, 2014

Thoughts: Bookish and not so Bookish

I keep trying to change up the names for these posts that I do weekly but I'm really having to get creative. :) Anyways, this week I'm linking up once again with Bookishly Boisterous to give you ten bookish (and not so bookish) thoughts. Enjoy!

  1. I got to FINALLY see the movie of The Book Thief this week and I really enjoyed it. There will be a full review of it soon (hopefully) but for now my thoughts are that it is one of the best book to movie adaptations I've seen and not necessarily because it is so perfectly honest to the book but actually partly because there are parts from the book it left out that I'm glad they did. Weird I know but this is Lois we're talking about. ;)
  2. I had a great clinic week for nursing school this week! One of my best yet. :) Obviously I can't really say what made it so great, HIPPA laws and all but just know that it was great. :)
  3. I have an iPad now! Kind of... It was one my parents got from my grandmother after her stroke as there were apps to help post stroke patients but because of how the stroke affected her body they weren't helpful. So it's been laying around our house since. However, my nursing school has moved towards eBooks so I asked if I could use it and so now I'm using it! :) Unforunatley I can't post blog posts from it. :( My brother informed me I expect too much from my electronics. Maybe...
  4. I am almost, almost, almost done with the Mary Poppins books. If you missed it yesterday, here's my review of them. I've really enjoyed re-reading them. 
  5. I'm also enjoying reading War of the Worlds. I've only seen an older film version of it, which I enjoyed so I was interested in reading it. So far, the book is quite different from the movie. 
  6. I've become more diligent about listening to The Warden. I've started trying to listen to it in the car, which is a little difficult if you're zipping down the highway at 70 mph but I manage. I should check audiobooks out from the library instead of trying to listen to them on my phone but you know I'm not that smart. ;)
  7. I've been enjoying the Quizup app a lot. I mostly do the Lord of the Rings or Disney. I'm at the DĂșnedain level right now and use the user name "Eowyn sister-daughter" in the Lord of the Rings. :) I feel very geeky. :) 
  8. It was warmer earlier this week, which was AMAZING... but then yesterday it dropped back down to frigid weather. :( I want summer... I love summer. Well actually I like spring the best weather wise but then I have finals and I DON'T like those. 
  9. Yesterday I did a photo shoot for a magazine. I'll bet you didn't know I was famous? ;) Well I TOTALLY am.... not. It was for my college's quarterly magazine and they wanted pictures of a nursing student and one of the students organizing it also works with me at the library so that's how I got picked. :) It was fun though. :) They took pictures of me in my scrubs and then in normal school clothes. I had to stand in the exact same position and hold myself the exact same way for both pictures as they are going to use half of each picture to combine them and make one picture. :)
  10. And last but not least, I'm tired... still. Remember how last week I said I was tired, well that hasn't changed. It's what nursing school does to you. :)

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