Thursday, February 27, 2014

My Crazy Thoughts: Bookish and not so Bookish

This week has been a roller coaster and right now I'm just really looking to some relaxing and uplifting time at my Church's women's retreat.
Me: Very tired and at work. If you get a latte instead of
a cappuccino, or The Lord of the Rings instead of Twilight, you'll
know why. Actually, the latter example might be on purpose. ;)
  1. Number one thought, I'm still tired... really tired. 
  2. I've got to buckle down on school... got to! That really should have been my number one thought but I was too tired to think of it. This second semester of nursing school is so much harder then the first and I had enough struggles with the first.
  3. I need to finish War of the Worlds by tomorrow or else I'll fail my five books for the month goal... which actually that wouldn't be the first time I've failed but I've had a pretty good run recently of keeping up with my reading goals so I'd rather not fail. 
  4. I want it to be warmer. In my opinion only December should be cold and then only so there will be snow, and then only so that we'll have a white Christmas. Besides that nada! I'm not begging for summer though! I kind of envision spring. 
  5. Despite school begin a pain, I'm still really enjoying all of the childbirth content. I can't wait until I get to the OB part of my clinical rotation! :) 
  6. Do y'al have any methods for deterring distractions (especially internet distractions) while studying? I have deleted my Facebook app on my phone which has helped, and I can block certain websites on my computer with my Self Control app for periods of time but still... I'm kind of ADHD when it comes to studying. :(
  7. I'm too
  8. Tired to
  9. Come up
  10. With any more. :)

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  1. I get you on the tired part(s). It seems that there is never a day when I'm not tired these days. If I ever figure out how to get something done without distractions, you'll be the first person I tell.....

    How is War of the Worlds? I'm always looking for something else to read. Heaven forbid my list of "books to come" ever goes dry! LOL

    1. I'm enjoying it so far. I'd say it's a bit slow, but slowness doesn't normally bother me as much as it does other people. I've seen an old film version of it and the book is quite different from that. I'm not sure how it relates to the new film version though.


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