Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Top Ten Book to Movie Adaptations I Still Need to Watch

This week's Top Ten Tuesday theme is the Top Ten Book to Movie /miniseries/TV show Adaptations I Still Need to Watch. There are actually a fair number of those. I keep getting side tracked. :(

  1. Gods and Generals based off of Jeff Shaara's novel same entitled novel AND Gettysburg based off of Michael Shaara's novel Killer Angels (one of my favorite books!)- I'm not sure how I haven't seen these yet as I love the books and basically all the rest of my family has seen them! 
  2. Death Comes to Pemberly based off of the same entitled novel by P.D. James - I've actually seen part of it but never finished it. I was only so-so on the book but I was intrigued to see the movie because Jenna-Louise Coleman (from Doctor Who!) plays Lydia in it! 
  3. The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency (TV show) based off of Alexander McCall Smith's same entitled series- I've seen a couple episodes of it and loved it but I never watched the rest of them. :(
  4. The Last of the Mohicans based off of the same entitled book by James Fenimore Cooper- I'm actually not sure what version I want to watch. The Daniel Day-Lewis version is the most famous but that's not the one my Dad owns so I might just watch whichever one he has or I might try and get ahold of the Daniel Day-Lewis version. Not sure yet.
  5. Dombey and Son based off the same entitled book by Charles Dickens- I've been meaning to watch this for a REALLY long time.... ever since I read the book... which was many years ago.
  6. Martin Chuzzlewit based off of the same entitled book by Charles Dickens- I've been meaning to watch this for a long time too... almost as long as Dombey and Son. 
  7. Bleak House based off of the same entitled novel by Charles Dickens- Another I've been meaning to watch for a long time. There's two versions that are considered excellent so I guess that means I'll be watching both. 
  8. Odd Thomas based off of the same entitled novel by Dean Koontz- I really need to get around to watching this! I loved the book and my Dad who's read the book and watched the movie says I'll love the movie too. 
  9. How Green was My Valley based off the same entitled book by Richard Lewellyn- It has Maureen O'Hara who is one of my favorite actresses or else I might not even take the time to watch it as from what I can tell it doesn't fall the book to closely and we all know what books like that do to my blood pressure. ;) 
  10. The Moonstone based off the same entitled book by Wilkie Collins- I love The Moonstone a lot and there's a version that has Keeley Hawes and Greg Wise (and if you don't know who they are you obviously don't watch period dramas) which looks good. There's another version too that's a miniseries. Maybe I'll watch both! 

Making this list renews my longing to watch these movies! I need to get around to it!

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  1. Gettysburg is very, very, very good. :)

  2. Aw, I'd forgotten about The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency - I loved that series, will have to read the books one day! Thought Jenna Coleman was great in Death Comes to Pemberley, Lizzie not so much - although, she was really good in Bleak House (and North and South - they get around these period drama actors, haha)

    1. I wasn't a fan of the casting of Lizzie in it either from the little I watched. I didn't realize she was in North and South but now that you mention I can place her.

  3. Bleak House! So good. Gillian Anderson is everything.

  4. I have never read the Odd Thomas books but I did watch the movie. My husband hated it, but I thought it was OK. I think I would enjoy the books much more, since I usually do. Great list!

  5. I remember watching the Daniel Day-Lewis The Last of the Mohicans a few times in my senior year English class in high school. I haven't seen any of these other ones, though.
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Bleak House is quite good although I haven't watched it in years. At some point I need to read the book.

    As for Odd Thomas, loved the book, but they made too many changes to the movie. Didn't like his girlfriend at all, such an unfortunate change from her standards in the novel.

    Death Comes to Pemberley was pretty good, but I've never read the book. I still don't like the lead actress and she wasn't a good fit at all for Elizabeth, but that's just mho. :)

    1. I guess I'll be intrigued to see how I like Odd Thomas. I wasn't a fan of the actress portraying Lizzie in it from the little I saw. I'm sure she's a fine actress but she wasn't meant for the role.

  7. Ooooh, I didn't realize there was an adaptation of Bleak House! I need to watch that!! I'd forgotten about Death Comes to Pemberley as well. Great list!

  8. Gettysburg is great - I actually watched it in 8th grade when we had our Civil War unit.

    I haven't seen Death Comes to Pemberley yet, but it looks good.

    Check out my TTT.

  9. I watched Gettysburg once. I don't think I could watch it anymore than that because I'd keep hoping that this would be the time Pickett's charge succeeds.


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