Saturday, November 7, 2015

Book Review- Irish Folk and Fairy Tales

For the Author A-Z challenge and library reading challenge I read William Butler Yeats collection of Irish folk and fairy tales.
Synopsis from Goodreads: Nobel Prize winning writer and poet W.B. Yeats included almost every sort of Irish folk in this marvelous compendium of fairy tales and songs that he collected and edited for publication in 1892. Yeats was fascinated by Irish myths and folklore, and joined forces with the writers of the Irish Literary Revival. He studied Irish folk tales and chose to reintroduce the glory and significance of Ireland's past through this unique literature.
Besides the last few tales, which were just retellings of familiar fairy tales, the tales in this collection were all new to me. Many of them involved fairies, ghosts and witches or some other supernatural element. Since the Irish are kind of superstitious that's not surprising. I actually read it the week of Halloween so it was rather appropriate to be reading at that time. :)
Overall I enjoyed the tales and while it is something I probably would not have picked up if it was for the Author A-Z challenge and a nice handy Y in Yeats I am glad I did.
Do you enjoy fairytales? What are some of you favorite collections?

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  1. I love fairy tales but I don't read enough of them :) I'll look out for this - I hadn't heard of it and it looks very interesting!

    1. I don't read enough either so I'm glad I read this for that sake at least. Also Andrew Lang's fairytale series is very good. I read them when I was younger and loved them. I hope to revisit them sometime.


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