Friday, November 6, 2015

Jane Austen Week- Top Ten Dresses from Pride and Prejudice

In honor of Jane Austen week (hosted over at Wonderland Creek!) I'm posting about my Top Ten Dresses from Pride and Prejudice! Namoi was far braver than I and did her top ten dresses from Jane Austen movies but I cannot limit my selections like that!
Now of course I wish they were all higher cut at the top but oh well. :( I tried to include other dresses besides Lizzie's to be fair but I just adore Lizzie's wardrobe! :)
So in no particular order here we go!

  1. I like the lacy overlay look. 
  2. The famous ball room scene dress! 
  3. Lovely sprigged dress! 
  4. One of my very favorite ever dresses! 
  5. I love both Jane and Lizzie's ensembles. 
  6. I'm not a huge fan of Jane's dresses but I do love this beautiful blue one. 
  7. I like this dress of Lydia's. It's one of her few not quite so low cut ones too. 
  8. I LOVE this bonnet and this dress! 
  9. Generally I'm not a fan of Charlotte's dresses but I do like this one. 
  10. The wedding dresses here are so beautiful! :) 
What's your favorite? Any of your favorites that I missed?

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  1. Oh, some really nice ones! I LOVE that blue spencer Lizzy wears (your number 8.) I'm REALLY in love with it.

  2. Lovely! I really like Lizzy's wardrobe, I'm finding! And you included some of my favorites:D Another one I really like his her plain white dress that she wears at Longbourne in the scene when they find out about Lydia's engagement and she's talking with her father.

    1. She has a truly beautiful and feminine wardrobe. That is a beautiful one too! Really I love all of her dresses. :)

  3. This post makes me want to watch the movie again (for the eighty-seven time - or something like that)! :)

    1. Me too! And I just watched it! I can't get enough of it. :)


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