Thursday, October 1, 2015

5 Male Characters Tag and 5 Female Characters Tag

I've been meaning to do these for awhile and then Olivia from Meanwhile in Rivendell tagged me in the 5 Male Characters Tag and I figured I might as well go ahead and do both. I'm not sure why they have different categories but they do.
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5 Male Characters

Hero- Mr. Knightley... I just re-read Emma and then re-watched all of the movies so I'm on a huge kick Mr. Knightley kick right now! For me he embodies so much of what I would want in a husband. A man of moral integrity, someone willing to tell me when I am wrong, kind, generous and loving. He's also got a sense of humor. :) My second favorite would be Austen's Henry Tilney. He is similar to Mr. Knightley but is far lighter and so funny!!!  

Villain- Gollum. I like what Peter Jackson did with him in the movies actually, making him an even more complex character then he already was.

Anti-hero- I don't read a lot of books or watch a lot of movies with anti-heroes so this was hard for me to come up with. I think though I'd go with Han Solo from Star Wars and Malcom Reynolds from Firefly. They're actually fairly similar characters. I'd say they are the more hero like of anti heroes but it's what I could come up with.

Best book-to-screen adaptation- After much thought I have decided on Sir Percy Blakeney from The Scarlet Pimpernel and the screen adaptation is OBVIOUSLY the 1982 version.... aka the only version. ;) I think Anthony Andrews perfectly take the character from the books and dazzlingly brings him onto the screen much to my endless laughter! 

Best character perception- This one and the previous seem kind of similar but whatever! I'd go with Colin Firth's Mr. Darcy. Mr. Darcy is a very reserved character so taking him and acting him out would must have been hard but I think Colin Firth did it with so much perception. He just was Mr. Darcy because I think he understood the character. He will always be Mr. Darcy to me.

5 Female Characters

Heroine- I'm torn between Elizabeth Bennett and Molly Gipson so.... both

Villain- I tend to say I love to hate Professor Umbridge from Harry Potter. She irks me so much! Sure she's not the main villain in the series but that does not matter! I hate her so much more than Voldemort! 

Superhero- Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow! Basically she's awesome! 

That I would want to be friend with- I think I would have to chose Anne Shirley! So much imagination and fun! 

That I wish had better development- I'd have to agree with Olivia here and go with Buttercup from The Princess Bride. In the movie she's a bit better developed but in the book she's really just kind of there. :(

These are such fun tags! If you want to participate just steal them away! 

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  1. Hans Solo! Huh, I wouldn't have thought of him, but that's a good answer! I actually considered putting down Gollum as my anti-hero(since, you know, Smeagol is kinda-sorta a hero), so villain is a good place for him. (I did my answers here-- )

    Mr. Darcy, well *cough* I like him but I prefer Matthew McFadyen. It's weird. :D

    Lizzy Bennet, YES. I chose Anne Shirley for that, but on second thought she'd probably fit under a character I'd like to be friends with better.

    Professor Umbridge IS a good villain, isn't she?

    Yup, I chose Natasha, too.

  2. I'll ignore your comment about Matthew Mcfayden. ;)
    I'd love to be friends with Lizzy too but I'd already used her so I figured I wouldn't use her again.

  3. Yay! So glad you did them:D

    Great choices (oh! by the way! I just recently finished reading Northanger Abbey for the first time, and I just thought you should know:D); I'm glad you agree about Buttercup! And I'm glad someone else doesn't think she's awful in the movie XD

  4. Mal! I love Mal. And Han Solo. I actually have a t-shirt that has little comic-book-style images of both of them on it, and says, "Need a transport? Call the captains! 1-800-SMUGGLER." Love that shirt.

    I liked your other choices too :-)

  5. Ooo, I think I might just steal the 5 female characters tag. ;) Wonderful answers.

  6. Ooo, I think I might just steal the 5 female characters tag. ;) Wonderful answers.


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