Friday, October 16, 2015

Book Review- Life With Father

For the alphabet soup challenge, Mount TBR challenge, back to the classic challenge, new author challenge and monthly key word challenge I read Clarence Day Jr.'s book Life With Father.
I grew up watching the movie based off this book of the same title and it is a firm family favorite. I highly HIGHLY recommend it! The book was good as well but I think the movie was just better. I mean, William Powel and Irene Dune.... come on! How can you beat that? But this isn't a movie review so back to the book. ;)
Synopsis from Goodreads: Clarence Day's reminiscences of growing up in a turn-of-the-century New York household which keeps wriggling out from under the thumb of a blustering Wall Street paterfamilias are classics of American humor, lively and nostalgic sketches that still manage to evoke the enduring comedy of family life. Father's explosive encounters with horse and cook, servants and shopkeepers, wife and children—to say nothing of his vigorous pursuit of ice retain their hilarious appeal in no small part because the younger Day never seems put out by the older man's actions, never describes him with less than affectionate amusement. As a result, Life with Father remains as a contemporary critic described it: "A delightful book alive with energy and collisions and the running water of happiness."
This is a humorous book and I don't think we should take it too seriously. In fact if you take it seriously I don't think you will enjoy it. Clarence Day Sr comes off as rather.... sexist? Kind of a jerk sometimes? However, you're meant to laugh... it's funny! I fell like in the movie the soften him somewhat so maybe I'm a little more forgiving. The book was more scattered and the stories kind of jumped around in the timeline. There were some great ones though that didn't make it into the movie! I love how Clarence Jr. has the belief that no one argues with his father and wins... not even the horse!
All in all I enjoyed the book a lot and it was fun to see stories that didn't make it into the movie but overall I do like the movie better. :)

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  1. I feel like I've heard of this before...

  2. I know I've heard the title, but couldn't remember if I saw the movie...Google helped me, and then it seemed more familiar! :) This sounds like an amusing collection of tales.


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