Monday, August 24, 2015

Emma- Week 7 (Chapters 31-35)

This week's reading of Emma brought us the introduction of Mrs. Elton! Also I noticed we are over halfway through the book (I'm sure we were last week too but I wasn't paying attention... obviously). Frank Churchill does not make an appearance in these few chapters but he is promised back soon. Emma also struggles with herself on whether or not she is actually in love with him.
One of the most interesting aspects of these chapters I found was Mrs. Elton's interest in Jane. While Emma feels pity for Jane for being inflicted with Mrs. Elton, as Mr. Knightley said, Emma herself was never really there for Jane. It was good to see that Emma took that rebuke to heart but obviously she still has a long way to go.
Something my mother always pointed out to me was that Mrs. Elton's acted as a foil to Emma's character. Mrs. Elton was the evil version of Emma in a sense and since she was so bad we are more gracious to Emma. Thoughts to ponder on.
  • What techniques does Austen use to ensure that we remain sympathetic to Emma?
  • What kind of woman is Mrs. Elton?
  • How do you think Frank's absence is affecting Emma? 
Feel free to comment with your thoughts (Even if you aren't participating in the read-along)! :)

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