Monday, August 17, 2015

Emma- Week 6 (Chapters 26-30)

So I realized somehow I listed and read six chapters for last week's discussion post... accidentally including chapter 26 when it should have been part of today's discussion post! Oh well! I have us back on track now though. Right now you should be done with chapter 30.
Here are some questions to ponder on.
  1. What speculations does the gift of a piano to Jane Fairfax provoke?
  2. Why does Mrs. Weston suspect that Jane and Knightley are moving toward engagement? Why is Emma resistant to this idea? 
  3. What is your current opinion of Frank Churchill? Has it changed from last week? 
  4. Harriet is shown to be easily persuaded by Emma. Do you think she has a real will of her own at this point in the book? How do you think she made decisions before she met Emma? 


So when I was reading it this time I noticed that it was actually more obvious then I remembered it being that in the scene when Frank has to go back to his Aunt Churchill and he comes to say goodbye to Emma that he is going to tell her he is engaged to Jane Fairfax. He's talking about visiting the Bates right before he says it and the transition he makes really does sound like it actually. Of course it was understandable for Emma to think he was going to propose to her. Let's be honest here, it's not like Frank was making it obvious that he and Jane were engaged.... in fact the opposite and he was making it look like he was interested in Emma so you can't blame Emma for thinking he was going to propose to her. However, in retrospect looking at his speech you can see how he was leading up to telling her about him and Jane. Anyways... random thoughts. :)


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  1. That part where Jane gets the piano is always so hard to read, because I HATE the way Frank encourages Emma's speculations that maybe it came from Mr. Dixon. Yes, of course Emma is to blame for gossiping like that, but so is Frank. And what Frank is doing is actually worse, I think.

    1. Good point! At one point Emma reproaches herself slightly for gossiping but comforts herself that Frank was doing it was well!


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