Monday, August 10, 2015

Emma- Week 5 (Chapters 21-26)

We're now on our fifth week of the Emma Read-along! I'm really enjoying reading it more this time. Emma has always been my least favorite of Austen's novels, though of course I still do like it. I feel though that with this read-along I am paying more attention and taking the time to look at themes I haven't seen before in previous readings of Emma.

When reading Miss Bates' speeches does anyone else just here her voice in your head saying it super, super fast and all in one breath? I do!

Once again this week I'm complaining about Emma's pride! Her plan to refuse the Cole's invitation for the dinner party because they needed to be taught a lesson that her family was so far above them that they shouldn't have the audacity to ask them was so snobbish! I'm glad she ended up going.

Okay I have non-spoiler discussion questions and spoiler discussion questions because there's a lot to look at if you've already read it and know what's going on and then also if you haven't and don't. So when you comment and answer just make sure you say spoiler before answering the question.

Non-Spoiler questions

    • So we finally have met Frank Churchill! First impressions?
    • What does Emma think of Churchill? What does Knightley think? Account for their different interpretations. 
    • Who do you think sent Jane Fairfax her piano? 
    • Compare and contrast Mr. Elton and Emma Woodhouse? Now first off you may think that's a weird comparison but when I think about I find that so many things that Emma mentally accuses him of she is guilty of as well! Just food for thought. 

    SPOILER questions

    • Is anyone else just freshly reminded how much of a jerk Frank is to Jane?
    • Also, to top it off, Frank is showing obvious attention to Emma.... what do you think Frank is even thinking? 

    Please comment with your thoughts and as always even if you're not doing the read-along feel free to join in on the discussion! 

    Also, weird random fact that I found out but did you know that Joan Aiken (author of many children's books but notably my favorite The Wolves of Willoughby Chase) wrote a book about Jane Fairfax entitled Jane Fairfax? It sounds kind of interesting. I might have to look into it. 

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    1. (Spoilers) I found it interesting this time, knowing what happens, to analyze Frank's words and actions. Jerk is definitely the right word! I've always wanted to hear Jane's side of the story. How did she fall in love with him to begin with? And why did she decide to stay with him after the way he treated her?? I may have to check out this Joan Aiken book as well!

      1. I know! After the way he treated her I know I would have been out of there for sure!

    2. I love your blog!!
      And the Emma read-along has been really cool to follow.

    3. I love your blog!!
      And the Emma read-along has been really cool to follow.

    4. Spoliers!
      I am very frustrated and angry with Frank, and thank you for calling him a jerk. I know! I've often wondered the same thing lately, and so far I think that isn't thinking that much. Does Frank even truly care for Jane as to show Emma lots of attention while she's watching. Poor Jane. I've felt really sorry for her these past few chapters.

      There's a book about Jane Fairfax! I can't wait to read it!

      1. Good question! Frank's actions do make you wonder if he indeed does truly care for Jane. He seems to me like what we would call nowadays a player.


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