Saturday, March 28, 2015

Me and My Music

I love music! I would say I have a good variety of music I listen to but then again there is still some music I definitely don't listen to by choice. Because I know you really care what music I listen to ;) today I'm going to share about my music.
I'm just going to run down each playlist of mine because that's how I like to separate out my music on iTunes.

Allison Kraus

This is music from a CD that my best friend gave me. I don't listen to it a ton but every once and awhile the mood will take me. One of the songs on the playlist is separate from the disc and I listen to it a lot more often but that's mostly due to fact that it is in my Indulgences playlist also, which I'll get to later. :)


I grew up on Bach and while he is not my favorite of the classical composers (okay I know technically he is a baroque composer not classical but sometimes I just group them all together so there!). The harpsichord really grates on me for some reason and a lot of his music is harpsichord music. However, I do like playing his music on the piano because it's on the piano.... not a harpsichord. ;)


I love Beethoven's ninth symphony a lot! It's not something I listen to all of the time... normally just when the mood takes me but it is one of my favorite classical pieces (again, I know it's romantic time period not classical but get over it! ;)). I also have some of his piano concertos. 


I have one piece by Bolero- Ravel. 

Call Me Madam

This is one of my many musical soundtracks that I have. I was addicted to this one for awhile. As my friends and family know, I normally will be stuck on one song or one CD for a long time, not getting tired of it until long after everyone else is. Call Me Madam was one of those for quite awhile. It has a lot of fun music.

Celtic Woman

I'm a big fan of the Irish women's musical group Celtic Woman. I even got to go to one of their concerts once. I have multiple CDs of theirs. 


This is a bunch of instrumental christmas music I got for free for a reason I don't remember. 


This is my playlist of various Christian music. I have everything from hymns to Hillsong. My favorites on there are When I Survey the Wondrous Cross (to the tune of The Water is Wide), Bless the Lord O My Soul, and Blessed Be Your Name. However, my favorite hymn of all time is Be Thou My Vision... I'd just rather sing it than listen to it. 

Classic Rock

This has a bunch of random classic rock songs. Beach Boys, Frank Valli and the Four Seasons, Billy Haley, a couple Elvis Presley songs and more. This is what I listen to when I want to swing dance. :)


I don't listen to him a lot but when I do it's Hoe Down... it's a lot of fun! 


This playlist has a crazy assortment of Disney music! Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid (the story is kind of dumb but the music is incredible!), Frozen, Tangled, Enchanted, one song from Hercules (I hate the movie though) and one song from Mulan. It's always fun to listen to a little Disney music. :)

Doctor Who

This is my odd collection of various Doctor Who music including the show's theme song, the companions' themes, the doctors' themes, and a couple parody songs. 


I'm not quite as big of a fan as my younger brother but I do enjoy Dvorka's 9th symphony. My brother is seriously obsessed with it!

Fiddler on the Roof

The story makes me sad but I love the music! 

Gaelic Music

This is a collection of music by Gaelic Storm and The High Kings, two gaelic bands that I love! I have a ton of favorites in this playlist and I listen to it a lot! Gaelic music is just so fun! 

Gilbert and Sullivan

One day a few months ago I went on a kick and listened to nothing but Gilbert and Sullivan all day! So then I had to upload more of their music onto my computer to add to my collection. They're all in separate playlists by the title of the operetta. This playlist just is a "best of" collection. If you aren't familiar with Gilbert and Sullivan you should be! They were a duo who wrote operetta's together. Sullivan wrote the music and Gilbert wrote the lyrics/play. They're hilarious plays and so much fun and the music is just the same! 


I love Grieg's piano concerto and the piece "Morning". 


He has some great symphony's that I should probably listen to more than I do. 

Home for Christmas

This is Celtic Woman's Christmas CD. I just didn't want to put it in the same playlist as their other music as it's Christmas music. 


This is the playlist I'm probably most embarrassed to admit what songs are in it. This song has the widest assortment of songs. I called it Indulgences as it has music that I feel are indulgences.... duh! However, it's morphed into favorites/music I don't know what playlist to put it in. It started out with three songs and has now grown to 25 songs but it's fluctuated a lot. For example, I used to have my Piano Guys music in there but I moved it out when I got so much of it I thought it deserved it's own playlist. So what am I embarrassed about in this playlist? My pop music. It's dumb music I know but it's so catchy that I get sucked in! I don't listen to the bad pop music never fear, it's just dumb. I do have some classic country music in there as well such as Devil Went Down to Georgia. I have a lot of parody songs in here too. I also have one Julian Smith song and one Rhett and Link song. The majority of the songs in this playlist are in my top twenty-five most listened to songs. I just listen to this playlist a lot. I'm trying to get away from that now. 


I have his Midsummer Night's Dream music as well as his Songs without Words and The Hebrides. I love them all! 


Meaning Handel's Messiah. I don't think I need to tell you that this music is amazing! 


Probably my favorite classical composer! I have a lot of his music. 

Music Man

I love the music from this musical but the storyline is kind of dumb! I was definitely on a kick with this one for awhile. 

My Fair Lady

The music in this movie is amazing!!!!! And it's a hilarious movie. :)


This playlist has a wide assortment of opera music. This is definitely a playlist that I have to be in the mood to listen to. I'm very selective about the opera music I listen to as well because some of it is just boring.... I'm sorry opera lovers. 

Orla Fallon

Orla is a former member of Celtic Woman and this playlist contains one of her Christmas CDs. 

Pachebel's Canon

This is a CD that has a million different variations of Pachebel's Canon. 


I listen to his music every once and awhile. I have his violin concertos.

Patsy Cline

I have a deep love for Patsy Cline's music. It's kind of an indulgent music. It makes me feel sentimental and romantic. :) My Dad is actually a big fan of Patsy Cline as well which I found funny. 

Pavarotti Christmas

You know Pavarotti? Famous Tenor? Yeah, well this is a collection of him singing Christmas music. 

Piano Guys

Here's my collection of music by the group Piano Guys that I mentioned earlier. They're music is a lot of fun and is great for listening to when I'm studying because it is pretty much all instrumental. 

Pirates of Penzance

One of the aforementioned Gilbert and Sullivan's operettas and probably my third favorite. :)

Praise and Glory

A CD full of instrumental hymns that are beautifully arranged!

Rhapsodies Enesco/Liszt

This playlist contains a collection of rhapsodies by Unesco and Liszt... if you couldn't gather that from the title. ;) Rhapsodies are tons of fun to listen to. :)


I'm not sure why both composers are in the same playlist but I'm going to assume that it was because they were on the same CD. They have great piano concertos.


Some beautiful piano concertos.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

My favorite musical! It's just so hilarious, fun and quirky and the music is great! 

Singin' in the Rain

Probably my second favorite musical. The music is classic and the movie is hilarious! 


So I'm looking at the music in this playlist and wondering why it's entitled Smetna. There is only one Smetna piece in it and the other three songs are by different composers. I'm just going to assume that they were all on the same CD again. 

Sound of Music

Another musical! :)


One of my favorite playlists and a great one for when I am studying as all the music on here is instrumental except one song. Now you may be asking the same question my brother did, "Why is this one called Soundtracks when you already have separate playlists with soundtracks from musicals?" Good question. This playlist has soundtracks to films that aren't musicals. It contains lots of LOTR and The Hobbit music as well as music from period drams such as Little Dorrit, Pride and Prejudice, The Scarlet Pimpernel and Lorna Doone and then additionally has some music from John Williams such as the music from Jurassic Park, Indian Jones and Star Wars. 


Probably my favorite composer from the Romantic time period. I love his 1812 overture, Capriccio Italiano and Marche Slave. I also have his music for Romeo and Juliet, Sleeping Beauty, and Swan Lake. Additionally I have his piano concerto and violin concerto, which are also great!

The Gondoliers

Probably I shouldn't have "The" in front of that title, which is why it got alphabetically placed down at the bottom of the list as I didn't for any of the others. However, there we are. The Gondoliers has my favorite music from Gilbert and Sullivan. It's so beautiful, fun and catchy. 


I love his four seasons. I have a variety of his music. :)

So that's all the music I have! :) I wish I had Gilber and Sullivan's "The Mikado" on my computer but though my family has the CD I have't gotten ahold of it yet to put it on my computer. I also need to get "The Phantom of the Opera" on my computer.

Please don't ask what songs are in my top 25 most played because I'm too embarrassed to admit to them.... especially the top one. However, I would find it humorous if you guys commented and tried to guess them! If you guess enough right I might even admit to them! I'll be impressed if you can guess, which pop songs I listen to.

I hope you found this post interesting! Do you listen to any of the same music I do? Do you have some music recommendations for me?

With all these reasons to comment, you really don't have an excuse not to... just saying. ;)

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  1. This was an awesome post! You are way more organized than me with your playlists! I basically have a favorites playlist and a bed playlist... And now I'm looking up Gilbert and Sullivan songs! I love your choice in musicals! I recently discovered that my library has a service called Freegal which lets you download free music! I'm in heaven right now :D

    I don't listen to a lot of pop, but I'll guess some famous ones I like/know: Boom! Welcome to the Jungle, The Best Day of My Life, Dynamite, What Does the Fox Say (cuz that's probably the dumbest song I know...), and here's a wild guess Oppa Gangham Style? Great post! And it gave me an idea ;)

    1. That Freegal sounds super cool! NEVER EVER What Does the Fox Say... that song is just annoying! None of the others either but good guesses! :)

  2. I love musicals too. I love Music Man, Sound of Music, Singin' in the Rain, and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers :)

  3. Since where I am we club all of the music composers into classical, I shall stick to that terms. So, yes, I enjoy Beethoven, and his Pastoral Symphony (that is the 9th right?) has to be an absolute favourite. I love Tchaikovsky as well, Grieg's "Morning" -- that one sends my heart all aflutter! My little sons absolutely love Vivaldi's Spring. Everytime we hop into the car my older one begins to bleat - "Mamma! I want the birdy song!" and then he proceeds to move his head vigorously in time to the music!

    I recently picked up The Savoy Operas by Gilbert. It;s a collection of all the opera he wrote with Sullivan. The only one whose music I am familiar with, though, is "The Mikado". My mom took part in a production of it over a decade ago. Oh, yes...and I'm familiar with a few pieces from The Pirates of Penzance.

    Seven Brides etc., My Fair Lady, Sound of Music, Singing in the Rain - all well-loved musicals. Have watched them a countless number of times!

    Oh! And I have to say this...I love singing Be Thou My Vision as does everyone in my family. It's a collective favourite at home. :D

    Enjoyed reading this post, and it was pleasure to find that we have much in common with regard to our musical tastes!

    1. We do have a lot in common with music. Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony is actually his synth... But I had to look it up because I had no clue!

  4. This post!! I loved it:)

    You have a large collection of classical music! Quite impressive;) I agree; the harpsichord can get a bit annoying, but what he was able to compose is just amazing. Tchaikovsky!!! Yes, forever. His music for The Swan Lake and all the others...siiiggh. Do you like Dvorak's "Serenade for Strings"?

    All the musicals you listed!!! *flails* I love them!! YES Seven Brides for Seven Brothers has incredible music. I mean, Howard Keel. You can't really beat Howard Keel.

    DISNEY!!!:) Seriously, though--some of the instrumental tracks in several of the older movies are really quite stunning. I'm personally partial to the music from Pocahontas, hehe;)

    I love Be Thou My Vision! Though I also would sometimes prefer to just sing it:)

    Hmm...guesses for the indulgences playlist...I dunno, Taylor Swift songs?;)

    Great post, once again:D

    1. Score for you! Yes it is a Taylor Swift song (blushes). Which one though? ;)
      I don't think I've heard Dvorak's Serenade for Strings but now I'm going to have to go look it up!
      Pocahontas.... the movie is so dumb but the music I will agree is actually very beautiful. Colors of the Wind is what I think of most often... you may catch me singing that song even though it is so dumb.

    2. Haha, well, you're not alone--I sometimes like Taylor Swift songs; it depends on the song and my mood;) Which one, which one…I'm gonna list a bunch of guesses: "Shake It Off," "Love Story," "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" *wince*, "Blank Space," "I Knew You Were Trouble," "Mean", "Out of the Woods"…I don't know, those seem to be the popular ones, so I'm just guessing:)
      Yes, look it up! It's really beautiful.
      Haha, yup. Personally, if I'm just watching it as a completely separate story, I sometimes like Pocahontas just as a movie *blush*, because I'm all silly and sentimental and I just love the animation and the music;) Yes, I love Colors of the Wind, but I love the instrumental "Farewell" more--it's probably my favorite =D

    3. Yeah Shake it Off is my most listened to sing but Blank Space, We are Never Getting Back Together and Trouble are also up there.
      We are never getting back together I started listening to because my cousin would always jokingly tell me that but I could never get the time right so I started listening do I could sing that one line right! It's dumb I know!


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