Thursday, March 13, 2014

Exciting Thoughts (Bookish and not so Bookish)

I had a pretty great week and you'll see why!

  1. First off, remember how last week I complained that I wasn't able to see that birth? Well this week I got to watch my very first birth via C-section!!!!! :) :) :) I'm still giddy about it. :) Just about the best moment of my life. I'm not a very emotional person (meaning I'm not prone to crying) but I did tear up and had to catch myself. The best part was the dad told me that he could tell I am going to love my job when I'm a nurse. I'm glad that my enthusiasms showed through my introvertism. :)
  2. Nothing can really top that one but I need ten so let's keep going! NEXT WEEK IS SPRING BREAK!!! That is pretty exciting except that we have a test the Wednesday after so I can only let myself relax so much. 
  3. I did get started on The Children of Húrin this last week but I'm not too far yet.
  4. So guess what? We're taking those photos a THIRD time today. It's actually kind of funny. I don't really mind as it's not like I'm getting much studying done today... all I can think about is the break. 
  5. The weather here in Kansas is AMAZING!!!! It was up in the seventies a couple days ago and it is in the sixties today. I've got some great walks in too. 
  6. My dad brought me grapefruit fruit cups the other day. He just saw them at the store and knew I'd like them so he got them for me. :) I have a wonderful dad. :) 
  7. I had a dream last night (oh no a dream story!) that I was pregnant, went into labor and had a baby all within the space of about an hour. All I can say is that if my labor will be that quick then I'm all for it! Anyways, that just goes to show that I am a little obsessed with childbirth at the moment. 
  8. I'm getting this urge to re-read the Harry Potter series for some unknown reason. I've probably re-read those more than any other series... except perhaps the Redwall series. It's odd because they really aren't even in my top books list, but I just enjoy reading them as they are an easy read. 
  9. I watched the third season of Sherlock last weekend. It was okay but I didn't enjoy it as much. That's just my opinion though so don't quote me on it. :) 
  10. I've been having a really great time talking to my brother this morning. We don't get as much time to talk anymore because we're both so busy with school. However, I implanted myself by him while he was at work this morning and we had several laughs, which are sometimes hard to extract from him... he's more introverted than I am. We keep the library fun. :) 
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  1. I have to agree with you about the third season of Sherlock. The first two seasons were AMAZING and I feel like my expectations for the 3rd season got really high during the hiatus... The 3rd season wasn't bad, it just wasn't what I expected. I missed the focus on the cases Sherlock and John solved - I feel like season 3 was more focused on the relationships. It was still visually beautiful though.

    1. You pinpointed that so well... they focus more on the relationships not on the cases. I think that is quite a bit of what I didn't like as much about it.

  2. Good list!! :) If I could handle seeing blood, maybe I could have been a L&D Nurse...seems like a fabulous job and I know the ones I had were great!! Good luck!!

    1. It's been a steady process for me to get to the point where I can handle the blood and gore. Shots used to bother me a lot because of the needles but now I just don't look and it really isn't bad. For nursing school we even had to be diabetic for a day and I was able to give myself the "insulin" shots no problem.

  3. I'm glad that you are feeling so good about nursing and enjoying new experiences. It's been a while since I read the Harry Potter series; maybe I'll go back to them the next time I have a lull between new books.

    I still enjoyed the Sherlock series, although it was a bit different, and look forward to what they are planning in the next series; hopefully more mystery solving now that he is back and John's wedding is has passed.

    1. Thanks! We'll see what the next season brings. I'm looking forward to it. :)

  4. Glad to hear you had a great week! I can only imagine how crazy exhilarating #1 must have been!

    Hope you enjoy The Children of Hurin :) It's an intriguing piece of Middle Earth history/lore :)

    I remember starting to re-read the HP series the other year but stopped after book 3...I should get back on that, lol

  5. I thing a C-Section would be awesome to see in person.... as long as I'm not the one it's being done on, haha


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