Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bookish and not so Bookish Thoughts ( Non-tired edition)

Time again for bookish and not so bookish thoughts, hopefully this week my tiredness won't get in the way of my writing. :)

My new haircut!
  1. I had my first clinical rotation for OB this week but my patient didn't give birth before I left. :( I'm sure it isn't just me that would have been happier if the baby had come sooner. Next time... Next time! 
  2. I finally finished The War of the Worlds. I enjoyed it and there should be a review coming (relatively) soon. Be sure to check out my reading challenges progress in the sidebar or in the reading challenges tab. With finishing War of the Worlds I got points for two different challenges (Back to the Classics and To Be Read Pile challenge).
  3. I started reading Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray and I'm surprisingly enjoying it so far. I'm actually highlighting in it, which is something I never do with fiction books.... Of course that could also something to do with the fact that I am using the iBooks app to read it. :) 
  4. I got a haircut... the shortest I've ever had it yet. It's the style that is shorter in the back, which is a big change. I have so much less hair now that it's taking some getting used to. 
  5. We got a random snow day this week, which I actually didn't expect them to call. It was nice though to relax and get caught up on school work and then I also got my taxes and FAFSA done. 
  6. I did a little more listening with The Warden earlier this week but in general I haven't been really diligent about listening to it. When it comes to audiobooks, I tend to just listen to them here and there when the opportunity arises. If it was warmer I would go on walks and then I would listen to it then. It needs to be warmer. 
  7. I had a great time at my church's women's retreat this past weekend. There was a lot of great teaching and fellowship.
  8. I had to have another photo shoot as the first one's photos didn't work out. If you didn't see my past post about that, I had photos taken of me for my college's quarterly magazine. The needed a nursing student and through mutual acquaintances they alighted on me. :)
  9. I was going to start reading Tolkien's Children of Húrin last evening but by the time I got around to it, it was too late and I highly value my sleep time. Maybe I can start it today. 
  10. I bought some grapefruit juice earlier this week and it is SO good! I have been eating grapefruit but they're kind of a pain to cut up and rather messy so I thought I'd try the juice. I don't think I'll ever go back now. It is DELICIOUS! :)

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  1. One of my friends is a midwife and when she was studying she had to assist a certain number of births to qualify. Honestly, her shift would always end just before a woman who had been labouring all day was ready to 'get down to business' - it drove my friend mental because the next shift of students would swoop in and 'claim the birth'!

    1. That's pretty much how it felt. :( I guess I can be consoled in the fact that there wasn't another shift of students to steal my birth. :)


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