Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Giveaway Winner!!!! (and a little life)

There's talent... and then there's talent. Me, I've got the latter. This morning for breakfast I made a smoothie and there was spinach in it so it ends up kind of looking like puke, which doesn't bother me. However, when I'm "talented" enough to dump it on my white scrub top... well...
I didn't let that dampen my absolutely amazing day at nursing clinicals today though. I got to watch my very first birth via C-section today and it was an absolutely magical experience! Today was the best clinical day I have had yet. I'll even admit I almost cried several times today. Hearing a baby's first cry just about did it.
However, I'm sure you're far more interested in the winner of the giveaway for a handmade beach bag! So I'm very excited to announce that Andrea Stoeckle!!!! and I recommend you check it out. I'll be contacting Andrea and she'll soon be getting her handcrafted bag. :)
Thank you to everyone who participate and I hope to do another giveaway sometime in the near future. The weather is amazing right now in Kansas and I hope you are enjoying equally splendid weather. Have a great day and God bless! :)

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