Saturday, March 2, 2013

March 2013 Resolutions

I finally got to take in my computer today.  I feel optimistic about getting it back safe and sound.  At least I had better.  I was able to spend some time with my Grandma today as well and talk with my Grandpa too.  And as if my day wasn't already incredibly productive, I went to a craft show and bought some amazing candles from Prairie Lights.
Anyways, on to my resolutions. :)


In general, just study. No slacking.

Read or Re-Read at least 5 books

I'm trying again.  Someday....

Take at least one walk per week

Once again, just getting some exercise in every week.  Hopefully I'll be doing more.

Stick to my "Diet"

If you read my earlier post about getting in shape, you'll understand.  I have been sticking faithfully to this and have lost a few pounds already and people are telling me I am looking better, which makes me very happy. :)  Now I just need to make sure I don't slack off and stay true.

Play only up to 3 games of online Dominion per week

Once again, making this goal, it has been super good for me.  However, I want to make an exception.  One day a week, I can play up to five games.  I am doing this because I am never going to move up from my current level (in fact I am moving down) with just playing three games every day.

Cut down on computer time

Same as last month.  It is tearing me away from studying and can be a major distraction.

Do one crochet project

Last month I wrote a post about different crochet project I wanted to get done.  So for this month, I am going to try and accomplish at least one project.

Write at least 3 more blog posts this month

Self explanatory.

I actually ended up with quite a few goals.  We'll see if I can manage. :)
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