Friday, March 1, 2013

February 2013- Monthly Report Card

It has been quite the month with plenty to keep me busy. Last Wednesday my computer unexplainably crashed and with all the busyness of my schedule I haven't gotten it taken in to be fixed.  Needless to say I am going through computer withdrawal.  I am having to use horrible Windows computers at school, which is driving me crazy. Thankfully I can come home and use my family's Apple computers.  Then I got a cold on Wednesday, which left me miserable and somehow made me forget to take care of one of my goals.
However, enough of all of that and on to my report card.

Study for the TEAS Test INTENSELY- B

As I said in my mid-month report card, I deserve a B for this one because even though I studied pretty hard for it, after I found out that I didn't even have to do really well on it, I kind of slacked off on it.

Read or Re-Read at least 5 books-D

Some month, some month hopefully soon I will achieve this.  I read three books.  I was almost done with a fourth but as I mentioned above, I forgot to finish it.  I am blonde.  The books I read were A Pelican at Blandings, Full Moon, and I re-read Summer Lightening.  Those are all by P.G. Wodehouse and I would recommend them all.

Take one walk per week-A

I actually kind of forgot about this goal halfway through the month.  The first part of the month was great the second half, I honestly can't remember if I did or not.  However, I have been doing the exercise bike most every day so I'll just count that (because I have enough bad grades in my history thank you very much).

Play only up to three games of online Dominion every week- A+

I stuck to this goal tried and true.  In fact, because I have been out a computer for a week, I haven't been playing it for a week.

Cut down on my computer time-C

I did okay... I guess.  This last week without my computer, I realized how much I really use my computer.  Quite eye opening I'll admit.

Write at least 3 more blog posts this month-A+

Achieved with honors!  I wrote this post about a new favorite recipe (Mediterranean Dip), this post about my thoughts on Valentine's Day, this post on my trying to get in shape, and this post about the different crochet patterns I want to try.  Four posts!  I would have done more but without my computer it was a little trickier to get on my blog.

So my grade point average this month is a.... 3.9 Giving me a B+. Pretty good, considering past months.  I'll hopefully have my resolutions up tomorrow, if not later today.  Until then! :)
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