Sunday, March 31, 2013

Monthly Report Card- March 2013

I am still getting used to 2013... and it's the end of March. Please tell me I'm not the only one?
So, an interesting month for resolutions in that I have a surprisingly high grade. I'm so proud of myself.

Study!!!- B

I have done rather well on this though on Spring Break I definitely slacked. Needless to say there were consequences.  

Read or Re-Read at least 5 books- A

I was heavy on the re-reading this month. I read Heavy Weather by P.G.Wodehouse and then re-read Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Mansfield Park, and Persuasion (all obviously by Jane Austen). I had a lot of fun re-reading the Austen novels as some of them I hadn't re-read in awhile. So finally FIVE BOOKS!!!! Besides achieving my long sought after goal, I also had a lot of fun with my reading.

Take at least one walk per week or bike at least once a week-A

Excellent! There was even one day where instead of being productive and making cookies I was lazy and went on an hour plus walk. 

Stick to my "Diet"- A

I did really rather well on this. There were about five days where I was not so good but I balanced them out pretty well with having salads the surrounding days. One of them was Easter dinner so I think we can excuse that one. :)

Play only up to three games of online Dominion per day-A

I did fine on this. However, as I said in my mid-month progress report, the website I play on shut done mid-month as the official online version came out. I about had a nervous breakdown and died but somehow I survived. Anyways, the official version is dumb and I hate it so despite my hopes it could be some compensation it is really just a torture. I feel like getting on the internet isn't even any fun anymore. :(

Cut down on computer time-B

I did fairly well. A nice chunk of the month it was getting fixed so it was a very easy goal.  It was hard learning to do without it for that time and now that I have it back I find it somewhat easier not to use it. Still though, work to be done here.

Do one crochet project-A

As I said in my mid-month progress report, this was achieved in the form of a scarf using the basket weave stitch that I think turned out very nicely indeed.

Write at least 3 more blog posts this month-A

As always, a nice plump A here. I wrote this post about memories of bad weather experiences, this post about the pervading use of bad words in society, this post with a recipe for healthy cookies, and this post about how Jane Austen's novels are not romance novels. So four amazing blog posts.

So this is a A- for this month.... my first A!!!! :)
For those of you who have been praying for my Grandmother who had a stroke in January, she has made considerable improvement. Walking is really improving, which is exciting but she still cannot talk past a one word response. So I appreciate your prayers there. We were able to bring her from the rehab center to our house for Easter dinner, which was very special. I will hopefully be posting a full blog post report soon with more details of what has been going on with her. God has been working in her and it is obvious in the amount of recovery she has made.

In closing I leave you with something that we always say in my church- He is risen... He is risen indeed!

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Lois Johnson, avid writer, tea drinker, and reader but first and foremost, avid Christian.

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  1. Congratulations on your A! ;) I wish I had the time and patience to read 5 books in a month.. I can barely make 2. But I am intrigued to read your blog post about how Jane Austen's books are not romance novels. I agree with you, but I'm interested to see your reasoning.

    Thanks for linking up!


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