Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Favorite Bad Weather Memories

The last two weeks here in Kansas we were heavily snowed on.  Thursday, Friday, Monday, and then Tuesday, were cancelled for classes.  All the marvelous bad weather brought back very special memories of other times we have had tornados, snow storms, ect.  So here are a few of my most vivid memories.

My earliest memories of bad weather are of tornados.  If you live in Kansas, they are a very real and scary threat. I can't remember any specific one from my early years but I remember what we did every time.  Depending on how bad it was, we would either go down into our basement, which was not a very nice basement, or we would go down into our well, and I don't have to tell you that the well wasn't the nicest option either.  We would sit there until we got the all clear.  Later, when we moved into the house were we live now, my family would go down to our much nicer basement and my mom would always read to us from Little Britches.

Another memory I have, and mostly because we lost power for two or three days, was an ice storm we had way back when I was in fifth grade.  There was ice coating all of the trees in our yard, plus snow on the ground.  I remember spending a lot of time hauling all the branches that had fallen down from the weight into a pile to be burned.  Then we came in and my sister made hot chocolate on our wood burning stove.  That wood burning stove was an asset in many ways, namely keeping us warm, but also because we were actually able to cook food on it.  I remember making Qima (no that isn't misspelled, it is a Middle Eastern dish), oatmeal, and fried eggs on it.  I was actually a little sad when the electricity came back on because I was enjoying "roughing it".

Another "great" storm memory is from just a few years ago when it was raining really hard and our electricity went out.  Therefore, we had to manually dip out our sump pump so our basement wouldn't get flooded.  I will NEVER forget that one.

Do you all have any favorite storm memories?

Lois Johnson, avid writer, tea drinker, and reader but first and foremost, avid Christian.


  1. One of my favorite storm memories was in Florida, there was a hurricane (I don't remember which one) and at one point the eye of the storm came over our house, it was amazing! All the trees that were bent with the force of the wind suddenly snapped up and the sun came out it only lasted for a few minutes but it was really cool!

    1. I guess that would be really cool, but really scary too. I think more scary than cool at the time and more cool then scary afterwards. :)


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