Monday, July 27, 2015

Emma- Week 3 (Chapters 11-15)

How's the read-along going for everyone? I hope you are all still enjoying it!
This past week we read chapters 11-15 and they contain some pretty humiliating scenes for Emma! I think we can all agree though that she kind of deserved it. Poor Harriet, though, did not.
What are your thoughts so far?
Did anyone else notice that Elton's interest in Emma is especially obvious when Harriet isn't around?
Here's some discussion questions to ponder on.
  1. What kind of man is John Knightley? How wife? What kind of marriage do they have? 
  2. Compare and contrast the two Knightley brothers. 
  3. Compare and contrast the two Woodhouse sisters. 
  4. What is your first impression of Frank Churchill that you get from people's conversation about him.
  5. How is Mr. Elton's character revealed through his conversation with Emma? 
Comment with your thoughts! :)

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  1. Yes, it's actually kind of funny, how obvious it is that Mr. Elton is really interested in EMMA, not Harriet--and yet she's totally oblivious to it until John Knightley points it out . . . And even then, she doesn't want to believe it. Until she's forced to by Mr. Elton himself.

    It's almost like Emma is living in a "dream world" instead of in reality. You know what I mean? Like she refuses to pay attention to what is REALLY going on--she just pretends that it all means exactly what she wants it to mean. In a way, she's sort of like a child, still, even though she's technically an adult.

    1. It really is SO obvious but especially the second time you read it (or watch the movie).

    2. Yeah, because the book is all told from Emma's point of view, so the first time you read it you're believing HER version of everything that happens. Then, by the time you re-read it, you've realized how unreliable she is.

  2. In past readings, I've always thought Emma is so thick for not recognizing Mr. Elton's actions sooner. But this time, I realized that there have been times in my life where I've done the same thing. Haven't we all had a crush on a boy and read into his every action to prove that he likes us, too? I think Emma's just the same, only she's doing it for Harriet instead of herself. Maybe it's not so crazy after all. Even so, poor Harriet!!

    1. You're definitely right! It's obvious but too often we read into guys we have crushes on (I'm guilty on that account) and what Emma wanted to see she saw partly because in her pride she never could have conceived of him liking her.
      Definitely poor Harriet!

  3. I was gone on vacation last week, so I wasn't able to comment on your post, but I did read the assigned chapters. :-)

    I felt soo bad for Harriet. Poor girl. Here was Emma raising her hopes and expectations, and only to be dashed with the knowledge that only Mr. Elton was only interested in Emma. I know Emma was really embarrassed, but I didn't hold any sympathy for her. I tend to feel more sadness toward Harriet because she is so innocent. I wish she would have married Robert Martin and not have told Emma until she had answered the letter with a positive response.

    I think it is interesting seeing the two sisters side by side. One of them is like the father, which makes me guess that Emma is more like her mother. In a way Isabell is more mature than Emma, but not as quick or intelligent. I'm not sure if that makes sense, but it's a thought that I'm still developing. :-)

    1. Yeah, I think you're definitely right, Isabella is the more mature one, as in more sensible. I don't think it would ever occur to her to try to run other people's lives to the extent that Harriet does . . . but if it DID occur to her, she would immediately dismiss it as a bad plan. So yeah, not as "smart" but definitely "wiser," like you said.

    2. Great thoughts Ekaterina! I absolutely agree with you on Emma and Isabella.
      I really don't feel much sympathy for Emma. She deserved that embarrassment. Poor Harriet though!

  4. Is it to late to do this read along with you?


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