Thursday, July 9, 2015

3rd Liebster Award!

Hamlette from The Edge of the Precipice and Hamlette's Soliloquy tagged me for my 3rd Liebster Award! Thank's Hamlette!
For this award I have to answer the 11 questions Hamlette posed to me and then give 11 random facts about me. :)
  1. Do you have a favorite mug or teacup? I have a beautiful teacup my friend (and now sister-in-law!) eBeth, a T.A.R.D.I.S. mug she also gave me and then a larger mug that I bought myself. I love using all of those depending on the occasion or my mood. :)
  2. Are you an adventurous eater? Yes! I like trying strange things! :)
  3. What fandoms are you into? Doctor Who! Pride and Prejudice! Period dramas! Stargate: Atlantis! Firefly! Merlin! And so many more! 
  4. What famous book/author do you not really care about? Gulliver's Travels! See why HERE in my review. 
  5. What obscure author/book are you nuts about? I'm a classics reader as you all know so I read a lot of obscure stuff. Probably The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins.... in fact everything I've read by Wilkie Collins has been great so far. :) I truly think he is an underrated author. 
  6. What's the oldest movie you've ever watched? I actually watched the first movie ever made just about a month ago. Okay, technically I don't think it's the first movie ever made but I think it's the only one currently surviving? If you've watched Hugo it's the one referenced in it. The title is A Trip to the Moon. It's actually in color because the maker of the film and his wife went through and painted ever slide! The version I watched had music added to the background which wasn't bad necessarily but it was kind of weird music. 
  7. What did you have for breakfast today? My mom's homemade bread! 
  8. When did you first see your favorite movie? My favorite movie as you all know is the 1995 version of Pride and Prejudice. I don't remember when I first saw it as I basically grew up watching it. It came out only a year after I was born so conceivably I could have started watching it when I was just a year old! 
  9. Do you prefer fantasy or sci-fi? How dare you make me chose! I love them both! I'm a huge fan of Tolkien's work when it comes to fantasy but I love other fantasy writers like C.S. Lewis, Lloyd Alexander, L.B. Graham and so many more. When it comes to sci-fi I enjoy Doctor Who, Stargate: Atlantis and Firefly and there's many more sci-fi shows I want to get into. 
  10. What did you expect your blog to be like when you first started it? Mostly about tea actually.... obviously that's changed.
  11. Has it changed? If so how? Well that's a serendipitous question. ;) I've branched out into movies, books, TV shows, cultural issues and really just about anything and everything. 
And now for some random facts!

  1. I love sleeping with a fan on in my room. I'd rather have more blankets and the fan on then no fan and just a sheet. 
  2. When I first read Pride and Prejudice I thought it was just okay. I was pretty young though.... nine years old. Now of course it's my favorite! 
  3. When I first read The Lord of the Rings when I was 6 or 7 (I had to read it before watching the movies) I don't even remember what I thought about it. When I re-read it later (probably around 12) I thought it was too long and boring. Then when I re-read it for the the third time a few years ago I couldn't get enough of it and I've loved re-reading it ever since. It's funny how some books are like that. 
  4. Recently with taking out stitches on a few of my patients at work I've realized the benefit of the couple years with the Entomology (study of insects) project during my 4-H years (I quit the entomology project due to my severe poison ivy allergy). Pinning the insects was a very detailed process taking a lot of precision. Those same skills have come in handy with snipping tiny stitches. 
  5. Though, as mentioned above, I've left the Entomology project far behind, I'm still very specific about the fact that it's lady BEETLES not ladyBUGS. Because they're from the order Coleoptra which is the scientific order for BEETLES... NOT bugs! Lady BEETLES is the correct term. I've argued with three year olds over this point. A little overkill? Yeah, probably... but I'm not giving an inch! And neither was the three year old... 
  6. I have a new fashion love right now which is the floor length dresses. They're super comfy and hide my fat legs. ;) I keep buying them! I think I have a problem. ;)
  7. I recently won a bunch of very cool bookmarks from various blog giveaway but can you believe but I haven't used them once but instead have been using an old movie ticket stub! I have issues! 
  8. My two favorite soda pops are Dr. Pepper and Root Beer.... though I rarely drink pop. 
  9. To go along with my previous fact, I can't tell the difference between regular and diet pop. A quirk I'm thankful for. 
  10. I have a deep seated hatred for Halloween.... it stems mostly from the last two years having issues with traffic and roads being blocked off for trick-or-treaters. Also a little kid in Wal Mart telling his mom he wanted to dress up as the devil for Halloween. Now the traditional Reformation Day I love! 
  11. I'm hosting a read-along of Jane Austen's novel Emma right now! If you haven't joined up be sure to HERE.
Thank you so much Hamlette for tagging me! If you haven't checked out Hamlette's blog sbefore be sure to! I love reading them! 

So here are my questions for my nominees! I liked Hamlette's questions so I'm stealing some of them. :) 
  1. What's the oldest movie you've ever watched? 
  2. What's the oldest book you've ever read (excluding the Bible)?
  3. Do you say lady beetle or ladybug? ;)
  4. Have you ever re-read a book and changed your opinion on it from the first time you read it? 
  5. What are you most excited for this summer? Or something that already happened this summer that you were excited for. 
  6. What's your favorite soda pop flavor(s)? 
  7. What's the meaning of your name? Do you feel like it goes along with your personality? Why or why not? 
  8. Have you ever had an obscure talent come in handy at a time you didn't expect? 
  9. What fandoms are you a part of? 
  10. Do you sleep with a fan on at night? 
  11. What are your feelings Halloween? 
And I'm tagging... Whosoever wants to feel tagged! If you're reading this consider yourself tagged and duly awarded! :) Even if you've already been tagged by someone else and you are just dying to answer my questions (because they're so AWESOME!) then go ahead. I was going to tag people but then I realized Hamlette tagged most of the people I wanted to! 
Have a fun day and God bless! :)

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  1. Oooooh how lovely! If you don't mind I think I will answer your questions tomorrow as it's getting late here :-)

  2. Yay!:D

    Okay, for some ridiculous reason, I'd pictured Wilkie Collins as a girl. I haven't the faintest idea why (I haven't yet read his books), but for some reason it sounded like a girl-name to me. Weird.

    You watched the oldest surviving movie?! Wow! That's awesome:D

    Floor-length dresses are so elegant and great! But aw, I'm sure you don't have fat legs;) 'T'is but a figment of thy imagination, I'm sure:)

    1. Wilkie is such a weird name. There's a lot of names like that where I thought they were the opposite sex than they were. I can't remember if I thought it was a girl name or not when I first heard it but I wouldn't be surprised if I had.
      Well fatter than I want them to be... ;)

  3. Great answers Lois! Now I need to look into Wilkie Collins. ;) Homemade Mom's bread for breakfast sounds amazing! I haven't had that in a while. Besides the weird music what did you think of Trip to the Moon?

    1. It was kind of a weird story. Very reminiscent, and purposely so of Jules Verne novel From the Earth to the Moon, which is my least favorite of his novels.

  4. I HATE Gulliver's Travels. You are absolutely right--that book DOES NOT deserve to be a classic. It's awful. And crude. And disgusting. And did I mention stupid?

    Just out of curiosity--what do you think of Pride and Prejudice 2005? Myself, I LOVE it, but I know lots of people don't, so I was just wondering where you stood on that one. :)

    1. I am an avid hater of the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice, to be honest. You can read my review of it here:

  5. Mmmmmm . . . yeah, I can see some of your points. Colin Firth was definitely a better Darcy . . . although I personally thought Matthew Macfadyen really didn't do such a bad job. He was too shy, totally. But I loved how the scenes where he would get all tense and angry and talk through gritted teeth, cause that's something I could totally see the book-Darcy doing. I think Mr. Darcy is really supposed to be kind of shy and nervous and introverted--just not AS much as Macfadyen was.

    For me, Keira Knightley is and always will be Elizabeth Bennet, and the same goes for Jane Bennet and Rosamund Pike. I didn't think they were silly; I just more saw them as realistically young and jolly, if ya know what I mean. And I actually liked Keira's sauciness and outspokenness, because that really fits much better with my picture of Lizzy from the book. I'll be honest with you--when I watched P&P 1995, I found myself completely unable to BELIEVE that Jennifer Ehle was really Elizabeth Bennet. To me, she was just too calm and serene and mature and NICE. When I read Pride and Prejudice, Lizzy just doesn't come across as a "nice" character--especially not at the beginning.

    1. Lol.... we might have to agree to disagree. I think if you grow up with a certain actor or actress playing the part of a character that's how you see them and for me that was the 1995 version and that's very much how I see the characters then. For me I feel that they line up very well with the book but I also have noticed that different characteristics of people stick out to different people. It just depends.

    2. Absolutely! No two people interpret the same story in the exact same way. Even though we're all reading the SAME words, they say different things to each of us. It's really kind of interesting.

      Yes, I totally understand how you feel--if I'd grown up watching P&P 1995, I think that I WOULD see it as the definitive portrayal. But as it turned out, I didn't see either movie until about eight years after reading the book for the first time--then, I watched BOTH movies within a couple weeks of each other (I know, crazy), and I was immediately drawn to P&P 05, because it just fit better with the ideas about the characters that I'd formed through reading the story.


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