Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Not-Your-Average Disney Tag

The amazing Olivia from Meanwhile in Rivendell tagged me in this fun Disney related tag! :)

  1. Favorite Disney movie of all time? Beauty and the Beast
  2. Favorite Disney Character? Belle
  3. First Disney movie seen in cinemas? I had to go look this one up. I actually haven't seen many Disney movies in theaters. I'm not counting the Pixar ones either that are for some reason are listed under Disney even though when they were made when Disney didn't own Pixar. Non-animated- The Lion the Witch and Wardrobe. Animated- Frozen... not positive on this because I might have gone and seen Up in theaters and that was after Disney owned Pixar but I still count that as Pixar so.... 
  4. What Disney item do you collect the most? Nothing? The music I guess. I have plenty of the music. 
  5. What is your favorite Disney song? Belle, Be our Guest, Under the Sea, Kiss the Girl, Poor Unfortunate Soul (I have a weird sense of humor?), I'll Make a Man out of You, That's How you Know, Love is an Open Door (cracks me up so much!), Do you want to Build a Snowman, I Won't Say I'm in Love (cracks me up a lot too!) and When Will my Life Begin. Honestly, there's few Disney songs I hate. They're so ridiculously catchy even though sometimes they are so ridiculously stupid! 
  6. Which Disney voice actor would you like to meet? Never really thought of meeting any of them. 
  7. Favorite Disney movie that is not a classic? Tangled! 
  8. Flounder, Sebastian or Scuttle? Sebastian! 
  9. Saddest moment in a Disney movie? Y'all know I'm not an emotional person so I've never cried over a movie but I have appreciate the sad moments. Probably Do you want to Build a Snowman makes me the saddest. It's very touching. I guess if we're counting Up as Disney then of course the beginning of it is beautifully touching as well. :)
  10. Which Disney princess has the best sidekick? Rapunzel! Because Pascal is hilariously silent and Maximus is awesome! 
  11. Of the lesser known Disney movies, which would you recommend? Snow White and the Seven Dwarves! I feel like no one really notices it as much as it was the first and not as great of quality but the story is fun and music is hilarious and fun! It was a favorite growing up... especially the Silly Song. :)
If you're a Disney lover (or hater too I guess) feel free to consider yourself tagged and answer the questions! :) 

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  1. Awesome Tag! I am completing it! xD

    1. Thank you! I'm looking forward to seeing your answers. :)

  2. Thanks for doing it! (And what you said about me...Aww! You're so sweet!)

    BatB is soooo good:D

    *snaps fingers* Ohhh, yes, the music. I do have a lot of that (that should have been my answer!)

    Poor Unfortunate Souls is a super fun song, as is I Won't Say I'm in Love XD

    Great answers! (Sorry my comment is so late...)

    1. I'm glad someone else appreciates those songs. :) I love songs that make me laugh and let me sing them with an attitude. ;)

  3. Pixar released all its movies in conjunction with Disney even though Disney didn't initially own them. Disney distributed them, so technically they're Disney movies.

    I'm working on this tag too... slowly...

    1. Thanks for the explanation. I'm always so confused on how that worked out. :)
      I can't wait to see your answers! :)


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