Saturday, May 16, 2015

Book Reviews- The Fearsome Inn, Zlateh the Goat and When Sheimel went to Warsaw

Growing up my family and I played authors a lot and Isaac Basheivs Singer was one of the authors in our authors deck. None of us had read any of his books but we loved saying the titles as they sounded so interesting. This year, when looking at books for the newberry reading challenge I saw that they had all been nominated for newberry awards and decided this was the perfect time to pick them up. :)

The Fearsome Inn

Goodreads Synopsis: Two witches, who practice their evil trade on lost travellers, are banished through the wisdom of a student of the holy cabala, and the power of his magic chalk.
Quite an interesting little book that reads much like a fairy tale. Kind of dark though! I don't mind that though. :)

Zlateh the Goat and other stories

Goodreads Synopsis: Nobel laureate Isaac Bashevis Singer introduces readers to the village of Chelm in this Newbery Honor Book. Chelm is a village of fools. The most famous fools—the oldest and the greatest—are the seven Elders. But there are lesser fools too: a silly irresponsible bridegroom; four sisters who mix up their feed in bed one night; a young man who imagines himself dead. Here are seven magical folktales spun by a master storyteller, that speak of fools, devils, schlemiels, and even heroes—like Zlateh the goat.
I think I preferred the short stories as opposed to the full length story like The Fearsome Inn is. They were sometimes kind of weird but really cute and oftentimes funny. 

When Shlemiel went to Warsaw and other stories 

Goodreads Synopsis: Eight stories based on traditional Jewish themes from Eastern Europe include: Shrewd Todie & Lyzer the Miser; Tsirtsur & Peziza; Rabbi Leib & the Witch Cunegunde; The Elders of Chelm & Genendel's Key; Shlemiel, the Businessman; Utzel & His Daughter Poverty; Menaseh's Dream; When Shlemiel went to War
Same as with Zlateh the Goat. Weird, cute and funny. :)

All three of these stories had strong Jewish themes so it isn't surprising to find out that Isaac Bashevis Singer was Jewish. This wasn't a downfall of it though. :)

These books all go towards the newberry reading challenge the TBR challenges. :)

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