Saturday, January 10, 2015

Bout of Books #2- Day 5

Yesterday was the fifth day of Bout of Books. I didn't get much done actually in the way of anything.
While I was doing dishes I listened to three chapters of Anne of Green Gables. After that I watched one episode of The Adventures of Merlin and then watched far too many Studio C YouTube videos. They're addictive people. :( Number one reason I should never get on YouTube... I never get off. ;)
In the evening before bed I did read one prayer from The Valley of Vision, as is my new custom. I always have to read them twice because they are incredibly theologically dense. I'd definitely recommend it.
With family coming in today and last minute preparations I doubt I'll get much reading done but I'll try my very best. At the least I'm sure I'll listen to Anne of Green Gables. :)
How is everyone else doing on their Bout of Books?

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  1. I've had too many slow days but I'm happy :) It's been a fun week.

  2. I read more than I thought I would. Always a good thing.


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