Thursday, September 25, 2014

Talking Tea- New flavors!

Though my blog is named "You, Me and a Cup of Tea" I honestly don't talk about tea much except in passing. However, in preparing for the impending colder weather, I went and bought some new tea a couple weeks ago so I'd like to share with y'all some thoughts on the different flavors and brands I bought.

These are my newest flavors... as you can see, I do love chai tea. :)

The Private Selection brand is more expensive but there was a deal to get two so I thought I'd try it out. You can tell when tasting them that they are a higher quality. I love the green tea a lot. It's far better than the Lipton green tea that I normally get of the same flavor.

I've always been pleased with the STASH brand of tea. The chai white tea was different than any other chai tea I have tasted but incredibly delicious. It is a subtler, creamier and sweeter taste than black or green chai tea. Chocolate Hazelnut is one of my favorite teas I've tasted yet (my absolute favorite reserved for the Harvest Pumpkin Spice) and it's great that it's decaf so I can get those comforting tastes late at night as caffeine really affects me.

Do you have a favorite flavor or brand of tea? Share in the comments below!

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