Sunday, September 14, 2014

Janeite Tag

Ashley from the blog A to Z did a Janeite Tag, tagging anyone who felt the urge to do it. Well being a Janeite myself (though I'm not sure I'm in love that term) I think I'll join in. :)
  1. Why do you like Jane Austen? Where to start. What's not to like? Honestly. She has good meaningful stories that look at life and character while at the same time being witty. That's what I love in a story, one that makes me think and laugh all in one. I think also, that Austen really has a way of creating characters to be very lifelike. She doesn't describe much about how they look, she describes their character, and she does that by letting them talk (or not talk). 
  2. What is your favorite book? Without a doubt, Pride and Prejudice. I grew up with the movie and as soon as I could I read the book and I've been re-reading it ever since. ;) I love all of her books but probably after Pride and Prejudice it would be Persuasion, Northanger Abbey, and Mansfield Park
  3. Have you ever studied her life? Yes. A little. I did a speech on her and her books a few years ago for 4-H. 
  4. What is your opinion of Fanny? In my opinion Fanny is the perfect heroine. She makes pretty much no mistakes, is always good and kind and does not think of herself. I'm given to understand that some people dislike her and I really wonder why. At a guess I would say that it would be because they think she is too boring and doesn't make mistakes. They want someone with more spirit like Lizzy or Emma because they can relate to their flawed nature. However, I love Fanny for her meekness and selflessness and if there is any heroine from Austen that I wish I could be like, it would be her. Because of her reserved and discerning nature, and thinking before she opens her mouth she manages to avoid the perils of Austen's story such as Henry Crawford and Mrs. Norris by boldly and simply sticking to her boring beliefs.  This is convincing as I find myself and many others too often desert our "boring beliefs" and prove ourselves to be cowards consequently. 
  5. Do you like Knightley and Emma together? Yes. Emma needs Knightley... though I'm not sure he needs her. Okay, to be fair, she has lots of good qualities but she just needs to be reigned in at times and he provides that reign. I guess if I think about it, he does benefit from her wit and cheerfulness. All in all they are happy together and that is what counts. :)
  6. Who do you ship Mary Bennet with? Never really thought about it much except that Mr. Collins should have chosen her but as he didn't I can't think of anyone else for her. 
  7. Which books haven't you read? None. I've read them all, even her unfinished works and her novella. 
My 7 questions (I'm going to steal some of Ashley's and the person who tagged her before's questions) 

  1. Why do you like Jane Austen?
  2. What is your favorite of Austen's novels?
  3. What's your favorite film adaptation of Austen's novels?
  4. Which is your favorite major couple?
  5. Which is your favorite minor couple?
  6. Favorite heroine?
  7. Favorite hero?

If you want to join just jump in! I'm not feeling invigorated about tagging people but I know I have plenty of other Jane Austen fans following the blog so feel free to join. :)

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  1. Thanks for doing it!

    You put it into words!! Thinking and laughing at the same time :D

    Fanny... I agree with what you said about her sticking to her "boring beliefs" and being selfless, but I guess I do identify with Austen's other characters more. And Mansfield Park kinda bored me, so I have yet to finish it. *sheepish grin*

    You've read all of them!! Sweet!!

    Love your answers!

    1. Bored you? No!
      But really, I think Mansfield Park has one of the most important story lines of Austen and teaches some of the most important lessons.

  2. Why do you like Jane Austen? - She seems to be saying something conventional and somehow manages to say something radical at the same time.

    What is your favorite of Austen's novels? - Sense & Sensibility

    What's your favorite film adaptation of Austen's novels? - The 1995 Sense & Sensibility, but I also strongly love the 1995 Pride & Prejudice.

    Which is your favorite major couple? - Edward & Elinor.

    Which is your favorite minor couple? - Mr. Collins and Charlotte, not because they are a good match, but because they so clearly aren't. I love that Austen tucks Charlotte's tale into Elizabeth's more vibrant happily-ever-after story. That's what I'm talking about, with conventional and radical.

    Favorite heroine? - Marianne Dashwood

    Favorite hero? - Edward Ferrars, but I like Henry Tilney a lot, too.

    1. I love your answers! They are different than most people's, which shows you've really thought them out. :)
      Your reasoning for Mr. Collins and Charlotte is great. Their relationship I think will probably turn out the same as Mr. and Mrs. Bennets (though the roles being reversed obviously).
      Mr. Tilney is probably my favorite... he's so funny. :)
      I must ask though, why Marianne Dashwood?


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