Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mid-Month Progress Report

Got a nasty shock when I realized I was already PAST halfway through this month. Umm, we are getting a trifling too close to August for my liking. And my resolutions aren't tripping along so well either. :( How are they going... well here's the scoop.

Read or Re-Read/Listen to at least 10 books

So.... hehe, I still haven't finished the Return of the King... got a couple more chapters in but besides that... nada. I have been listening to The Innocence of Father Brown, but really haven't gotten too far into it. And that's it. I fail miserably at life. :(

Exercise in some form at fifteen minutes six days a week

Amazing work for me so far! At least I have one resolution that is alright.

Stick to my diet

I'm doing fine. I actually haven't had a cheat day in over a week, which is doing pretty well for me. :) So I guess I have another goal that hasn't failed... yet.

Cut down on electronics time

Somewhat... but not much. 

Write at least five more blog posts this month

Ummm... no! I only have written one so far. Need to really get on this.

Read through and study 1 and 2 Corinthians

Okay maybe I am doing better than I though because this makes a third I am acing so far. I'm almost done with 1 Corinthians and then I'll start 2 Corinthians... Completely on schedule! :)

Memorize that Scripture

Well... no! I was going to memorize the scripture the children had to learn for VBS but I didn't. I'm kind of getting it jammed in my head now that I am in the middle of VBS week but that is through no effort on my part.

Try at least three new recipes

I tried way more than three new recipes! I had family in town over the 4th of July and my cousin and I made the desserts for our meals. I am going to post a blog post some time in the hopefully near future including all of the very delicious recipes we made. I also have recently tried out a peanut butter coffee cake that was scrumptious and some peanut butter chocolate scones that were heavenly! :) Notice peanut butter in both titles and do not be surprised. :)

Start Praying

I have done pretty well on this. I have prayed most evening after I read my bible.

Be patient with what the future brings

Well, I am trying to be patient. For further explanation.... I and my older sister have been living and caring for my grandparents (one of whom has Parkinsons and the other had a major stroke this last January) since the end of April but with my starting up nursing school this fall and my sister going back to school to get her bachelors, we have decided that we cannot do that any longer. At this point though, it was getting too difficult to do anyways. We do not know yet what my grandparents are going to do... we do know they cannot live on their own. Hopefully they can get into a very nice assisted living home but there is also a possibility that they will be staying with my family for a time. Whichever happens I appreciate all prayers. And I need to be patient... really patient.

So that's how my goals are going for this month.
As I mentioned above, I am in the middle of VBS at my church and it has been a blast! The first day was rough the second day far less so and I am thinking by the end of the week I might just have the hang of it. :) 

Lois Johnson, avid writer, tea drinker, and reader but first and foremost, avid Christian.

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