Friday, July 12, 2013

VBS Next Week!!!

As I mentioned in my monthly resolution post, July is ridiculously busy... it always has been ever since my family started 4-H and had the County Fair to prepare for. THIS year, I am also throwing in VBS! I know, I'm such a genius for adding to the business. However, I am really excited about helping out as my church hasn't done a VBS in several years. Thankfully my position is a guide, which doesn't really require any planning. All I will really do is get my group of kids (3rd and 4th grade) to each activity and do their workbooks with them. There is also this confusing point system thing that I am pretty positive I am going to delegate to my assistant guide. That's the nice thing about being the guide versus the assistant guide... delegation!
I also get to decorate my classroom, which has been really fun! We are doing a backpacking/camping theme.  Unfortunately I severely lack artistic skill so I keep stealing ideas from my brother's classroom. :) So far I have a big tent set up in my room and some cloth draped over some furniture to look like a waterfall. I also want to make a "fire" with some logs and red and orange tissue paper. Some animal prints cut out on construction paper would also be a cute addition I think. I started on it yesterday and I'll finish up Saturday. Then next week VBS begins! I'll have to post some picture on here when its over of how my decorations turned out.
On Tuesday we had our last meeting before it began and I got my list of children I was teaching. In addition to my own little hyper brother I am pretty sure I got every other hyper little boy in the congregation. It's going to be A LOT of fun.
Is anyone else doing VBS this year or have you already done it? How did it go?

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