Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Dream Home

Today I'm linking up with Mama Kat to describe my dream home. This will obviously involve a lot of pictures. :) I'm actually not really sure what my dream home is... I'm kind of attached to three houses currently... my parents home, my house (i.e. my grandparents house) and my other grandparents house. So I guess there are several different elements from each of these houses I like.

From my parents house I love the huge living room. I remember when we first walked into it we asked if it was the ballroom.... true story... we were young!

From my house I pretty much love everything about it except the fact that it isn't actually mine. ;) Honestly I hope someday I can raise my kids there. We'll see though... probably an unrealistic dream but hey we're talking dream house here! The house is very open, which I really like. The dining room, kitchen and living room are all pretty much one room but with some dividers to make them not too much one room. It also has really big windows to let sunlight in which is perfect as you don't often have to turn on lights until dark. The bedrooms, family room, all of it is perfect. :) The only downside is if I have tons of children like I want to, I'll grow out of it fairly quickly as there is only three bedrooms. :(

My other grandparents house I pretty much love everything about too. There is an enclosed porch that I remember spending tons of time playing on when I was young. There is a window seat by some massive windows that would be an amazing reading spot. There are lots of bedrooms and a large kitchen as well, which is really important. It would be pretty amazing to raise my kids there too.

So those are kind of some pointers of what I want in my dream home. Besides that though I also really want a big wrap around porch like this one.

I also want a balcony like the one picture above on the left hand side of the house. 

I also want one of those tower looking rooms. like the one pictured below. 

A spiral staircase would also be super cool... especially with a slide. ;)

Or a book staircase. Have you seen this picture? That would be super cool! 

So those are some of the fun things I would want in my dream house. How about you? What do you want in your dream house? 

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  1. I love your dream house(s). I concur with the wrap-around porch, balcony - and totally heart the painted book spines. My dream house would include many of these features and have to be on the beach!

  2. I definitely would love a big wrap around porch someday! Love those staircases, so cool!

  3. I love those wrap around porches and a slide staircase would be a dream. I'm moving into your dream house with you!

  4. I love that first house! Our dream houses would be similar!

  5. If you are in the market to sell your house and want to sell quickly, here is what my realtor told me. Go lower than all the others in your area because you will sell first, and although it was cheaper, you are not sitting in that house month after month making mortgage payments, utility payments, and risking something costly breaking down.

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  6. I have been collecting pictures of my dream house for probably 2 decades now. I tend to go for the look that you find in magazines like coastal living and others similar to that. We are hoping to finally build it in 2 years time. We just bought the land and next we need to start working with an architect.

    Jefferson @ T.J. Lamb Real Estate

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