Saturday, September 28, 2019

2019 Tolkien Blog Party Tag

Hamlette over at Hamlette's Soliloquy is hosting a Tolkien Blog Party again and she has this splendiferous tag. Go forthwith and participate HERE.
Here are my answers to the tag.

Would you rather... 

  1. Join Thorin's company or the Fellowship? The Fellowship. Sometimes the dwarves just get on my nerves... ahem... Thorin.
  2. Ride Shadowflax or an eagle? I think an eagle but it's a hard choice. I love the idea of flying! 
  3. Travel through Moria or Mirkwood? Yikes! Neither seem a pleasant prospect. I don't like the darkness and haunting dangers of Moria but giant spiders? No! I cannot chose! 
  4. Learn to make elvish or mithril chainmail? Both are handy but think how much you could sell that chainmail for?!  
  5. Try to outwit Smaug or Saruman? I think being small and Smaug being so big it might be easier to try and outwit Smaug. Saruman is just too sly and eerie with his hypnotizing voice. 
  6.  Spend an hour with Grima Wormtongue or Denethor? I have choice words for Denethor that I'm not sure even an hour would suffice to tell! But I'd try! 
  7. Attend Faramir's wedding or Samwise's? I love hobbits so I'm going with Sam's! 
  8. Have to care for the One Ring or the Arkenstone for a day? Less temptations from the Arkenstone but think how fun and handy it could be to have the power to be invisible for one day? Never mind when the time comes to give it up! đŸ˜œ
  9. Have tea with Bilbo or Frodo? Both could be fascinating but I lean Bilbo for his long rich life and wonderful tales. 
  10. Fight alongside Boromir or Eomer? Eomer! He's a character I've really grown to appreciate over the years. His devotion to his sister, Eowyn, and his uncle, King Theoden, are truly commendable. Boromir is fine and I have grown to like him more with time but today I side with Eomer. 

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