Monday, March 13, 2017

It's Monday! Busy and Sick

I used to never be able to understand why other people didn't read as much as I do. During nursing school I started getting an inkling and now with all of this wedding planning going on I'm starting to understand. I'm not quite sure how wedding planning is more time consuming and anxiety inducing than nursing school but apparently it is. I just don't have much time to read anymore and when I do have time I don't feel like it or I'm too tired to. Just this past week I was sick and had to stay home from work and even then I just vegged and barely read a drop. It's kind of pathetic really.
I did get a few things done in the way of wedding planning though. Invitations got ordered finally and my recipe book I was writing out from my mom's recipes. I'm pretty proud of that one. I'm always finding new recipes online and trying them out but reality is that my mom's recipes are the ones I'll always go back to so I wanted to make sure I copied them down before I get married.
I've been reading Hidden Figures for book club but it's harder to read than you would think so I didn't actually get it finished before we met, but I was certainly not the only one. I did watch the movie and loved it! I'll finish the book soon.... I do really like it but it's just a slow read.

Currently Reading

  • Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly 
  • Catching Foxes by John Henderson (for premarital counseling)
  • Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey 

Finished Recently

  • Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas (also for premarital counseling... though we started it before we actually got engaged) 

Coming Soon

  • The Gurnsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows
I borrowed six books form my aunt when I was there for Thanksgiving and I've read none of them yet! My goal is to read them before I get married because I'm horribly afraid of losing them in the move. We'll see if I can fit them in between my premarital counseling reads! 

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  1. Feel better soon!

    I just bought a copy of the Gurnsey Literary and Potato Peel Society. Here's hoping we can both get to it in the near future. :)

  2. Speaking as a pastor, I'd say premarital counseling is overrated. Except it's not really.

    Get better soon!

  3. I've tried to keep ahead on copying out recipes for whenever I have my own family. My grandmother gave me a lovely Susan Branch recipe binder years ago.

    I'm a slow reader, and I kind of go too much by motivation and emotion, so I'm definitely not a power reader. I'm trying to improve on this when I'm not busy.


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