Thursday, December 25, 2014

2014 Book Kaleidoscope- Day 1

Fanda from Fanda Classiclit is hosting the 2014 Book Kaleidoscope. This is a way of summing up the year of reading. :)
There are five days with different prompts for each. For this first day the prompt is Top Five boyfriends/girlfriends.
Well first off... awkward! Secondly... hmmm. I really don't have crushes from literature and I suppose I'm more an Elinor Dashwood in that I would say I "esteem them" and all of the Marianne Dashwoods throw their hands up in despair at such tame and unromantic language but there you are. :) So here are the men I "esteem" in no particular order.
Mr. Harding from Anthony Trollope's The Warden

  1. Arthur Clennam from Charles Dickens Little Dorrit- Always taking an active interest in other people. :)
  2. Mr. Harding from Anthony Trollope's The Warden- This man is so kind hearted and so considerate of others it really wrenches the heart sometimes. 
  3. John Harmon and Mr. Boffin from Charles Dickens Our Mutual Friend- You'd have to read the book to really get how great of characters they are. I can't really explain it without spoilers. :(
  4. John Thornton from Elizabeth Gakell's North and South- Proud but disciplined, he's a man of integrity and with a soft heart you don't expect. 
  5. All of the men from Jeff Shaara's God's and Generals- There's so many and I don't recall all of their names but I highly respected them all. I guess specifically Jackson and Lee. :)

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  1. I'm a Marianne Dashwood, but I don't consider the men in books my boyfriends either. :) I assume you've read The Killer Angels since you have read Jeff Shaara? Especially Lee for me too, but in The Killer Angels, also Chamberlain. :)

    1. Yes I have read Killer Angels! It's one of my favorite books and I agree Chamberlain is amazing! He was my favorite when I read Killer Angels but for some reason I wasn't as crazy about him in Gods and Generals. :)

  2. I only know Arthur Clennam, and only remember him as a kind and shy guy who was under his mother's domination. I think he's what we call a quiet hero, not as extravagant as Great Expectations' Pip, but he had his own good qualities. Good choice, Lois! :)

    1. He was definitely a quiet but kind hero. I wouldn't say he was under his mother's domination as though she was a controlling woman he did not allow himself to be controlled by her. He basically kept up what friendly relations he could but refused to involved himself in her questionable work.


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