Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Book Review- God's and Generals

God's and Generals by Jeff Shaara is the prequel to his father's book Killer Angels and tells the story of the War between the States from the beginning up until before Gettysburg.
After having read  Killer Angels back in high school I've always wanted to read God's and Generals. While it isn't as good as Killer Angels, it is still quite good and I enjoyed it a lot. It was kind of a depressing book though as you watch different people chose their sides of the war and watch their lives fall apart. I suppose it shows the harsh realities of war though, especially a civil war. For me, the two friends who ended up fighting on separate sides of the war was the hardest part. It was fascinating seeing the motivations of each person and I feel like the author did a really good job, as was done in Killer Angels of not showing preference for either side.
Having read Killer Angels first did not at all ruin the experience for me either. If you like history I would highly recommend both God's and Generals and Killer Angels as accurate and personal stories of the men who fought in the War between the States.

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